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How Long Until the Random Crashes Are Solved?

I can't even access the tera enmasse store without the game freezing and crashing while loading the store.
literally can't even spend money on the game


  • evanxukevanxuk ✭✭
    Never - they really dont care/communicate barely about anything thats even remotely important to the players. Ive just crashed in Fraywind and now the Tera Client wont load up on Ps4. GG.
  • i say never
  • Not going to happen. We are about 2 months in and no fixes for any major issues as of date. Heck they still haven't fixed PC version so we shouldn't expect any fixes for console. Its just events after event without fixing anything no communication whatso ever but this is their way, ignore everything. If they don't acknowledge issues than they are not happening.sad to say this game has potential but it is in the hands of bhs/eme who only think of milking the playerbase of money. Heck even the whales are leaving because of low population.
  • Shiiii--... Y'all make new players wanna leave real fast bros.
    You gonna ruin this game haha!
  • evanxukevanxuk ✭✭
    Guys why is the PVP EVENT crashing in every single game all day everyday? Anything from the people who are supposed to be in charge?
  • GisborneGisborne ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    crash every time canyon and corsair, it makes me angry af, all the money i invested and still not fixed, but we become new chars and things...hurray
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