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Low level Vanguards spammed by players in Stormcry



  • TBH, you should be grateful already that the entire IoD bam zone is a 'safe space', IE: PvP is not allowed. Back in the day, you should expect to get ganked from time to time if you are farming in a popular spot for Argon vitriols, or even gathering zawahides near Trading Post. Bottom line is, you're NOT ENTITLED to a farming spot just because it is the only profitable content you can do.

    Now I agree with the fact that higher level content is not as profitable. It would be nice if RRHM or RK-E would give ~100 talents for a clear. Even the higher level BAMS should give at least as many gold talents as the lower tiers. But until this happens, get used to farming the same content with other people.
  • Ray676Ray676 ✭✭✭
    ElinUsagi wrote: »
    Pls stop trying to think you are entitled to a farming spot.

    In a nutshell, welcome to the core of Tera, grinding for mats.

    I would certainly do what you describe to, I will take my maxed brawler, and spam the hell out of low tier IOD bams. I do this often because it is the single most efficient way to farm golden talents as well as metamorphic tokens through dismantling metal fragments and archdevan catalysts, compared to higher tier IODs and dungeon spams. However, I will only do that on a channel that I ascertain is free and is not reserved. That is basic manners.

    So instead of thinking you are entitled to farm because you are "lowbies", why not ask nicely on how long the person farming is going to take and queue for your turn to farm. If the spot is taken, either you wait, or you leave. If others do that, you are no exception either.

    Only when double or triple vanguard rewards are on IoD may be a good source of materials, if not then its better to do 2 or 3 star dungeons.

    2 star dungeons gives from 6 to 9 golden talents, 2 silver talents, enchanting materials worth about 150 metamorphic tokens and other random drops plus more item exp.

    IoD tier 1 bams without double or tripple rewards is only worth 7 golden talents and enchanting materials worth 55 metamorphic tokens.

    You farm 10 bams within 2 minutes, that is 70 talents within 20 minutes. Compared to your 9 talents at most for about 10 minutes, your argument doesn't make sense in terms of efficiency. I will take IOD tyvm

    KC takes less than 5 minutes per run, it's more efficient
  • ValiantCorvusValiantCorvus ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    If I go to a different channel that's empty, set a rotation on bams where I reach them as they spawn, and some person comes to butt in on my rotation? I'm going to oneshot it anyways and force them out.

    If I can go to a different channel to stay out of someone's way, so can you.
    Reading between the lines the solution seems to be another area for Basilisks. Currently there is one area with 4 spawn points reasonably close and your standard SC+4 can keep them all dead. During Turbo times all 10 channels fill. There needs to be another close 4 spawn place. That would double the number of players the game can accommodate and solve the issues mentioned here.
  • allofspaceandtimeallofspaceandtime ✭✭✭✭✭
    i don't know why eme doesn't make more channels for iod. its basically the only place to go now for mats. they could have 20 or more channels and then that would help a lot. its not like they have alliance territories taking up resources or most of the rest of the maps. people don't hardly go there except for world bosses.
    people fighting all the time over areas for whatever reasons isn't helping the population at all. toxic players is one of the top 3 reasons why people leave this game. the whole survival of the fittest attitude made many people leave during the bam hunt for the jade dragons the first time they had it. hopefully people will get it one day that if you run all the players from a game, then the game will shut down.
  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    Instead of creating more channels and more bams, why don't they just add golden talents as a drop in harder dungeon so well-geared players don't have to grind this cancer :rage:
  • allofspaceandtimeallofspaceandtime ✭✭✭✭✭
    CornishRex wrote: »
    Instead of creating more channels and more bams, why don't they just add golden talents as a drop in harder dungeon so well-geared players don't have to grind this cancer :rage:
    even if they did do that, you would have these survival of the fittest attitudes running around one shot killing the low level bams just to be annoying. just like the gankers in the old pvp servers.
    I can understand that if its easier and quicker to run it in mains and alts for geared up people, I don't blame them for it. its the bad attitudes that many hate. having 20 or more channels in an area that everyone is going to have to solo in, is a good idea even if they add more mat drops in dungeons. iod and the endgame dungeons are the only places people play once they hit 65. the rest of the world maps are useless cause of the leveling process.
    if we cant get more channels added and people still have a hard time running iod due to too many players, my advice would be finding out when it is dead and running it then. it may be that you have to run it at 0100 .
  • Only good solution will be increase low tier Bams spawn rate or their spread
  • KaspanovaKaspanova ✭✭✭
    PY6WD44XER wrote: »
    Kaspanova wrote: »

    Its just common decency and player etiquette. Obviously you were never taught to share as a child.

    I have exactly NOTHING to gain from sharing kills with others, only losing my time by doing so. When I see a BAM spawn, I go for it. It only happens that I can one shot it while lower geared characters can't. No one owns the farming space and the BAMs don't have a label saying its ownership.

    Also interesting insight about my childhood you got there. What does it have to do with this anyways?

    You said "the outside world is cruel and Tera is no different, survival of the fittest." you brought the meta in.

    You not leaving people to fight the bam they are on is just a sign of your selfish nature. Called it as I see it.
  • The worst part is that some of them, are bots.
    Usually when u arrive to a basilisk, IF there is ppl hiting it, then, you go to another.
    This guys come fliying, hit it anyways (And 1shoot em) even if it count it to me and not for him. And fly again.
    That seems a lot like a macro.
  • Issue can be repaired if mid and high tier bams do also give GT. And in bigger amount, to compensate the higher time on killing em
  • The worst part is that some of them, are bots.
    Usually when u arrive to a basilisk, IF there is ppl hiting it, then, you go to another.
    This guys come fliying, hit it anyways (And 1shoot em) even if it count it to me and not for him. And fly again.
    That seems a lot like a macro.

    Better be careful what you say because not all of them are bots, especially when SC gear is involved. My own brawler oneshots the bam similar to the way you describe it, but never once do I macro or bot it, despite it looking as if it is. When you farmed long enough, you get set into a pattern of anticipating the spawn as well. And yes, I will hit your bam as well, because you are being an ill-mannered player by barging into the channel and taking kills. That is your bad manners, not the KSer's fault, since you are the one KSing.
    Reading this thread is funny.

    I go on channel 2 to do low-tier bams. I guess not many ppl think about channel 2 and only goes for the highest number for some odd reason. I think opposite of what most people do.

    I'm very quick when I go in a circular order to kill bams as soon as it spawns. I usually see people switch channels to my farm spot and I prove to them that I know what I'm doing and I kill them in an order so quickly that they cannot compete against me so they leave like a good obedient child should.

    You have to be tough to survive in the real world, just as in this game, you gotta be strong and skilled to get what you want. Complaining people will just continue to whine and get overruned instead of manning up and do something about it.

    Jesus Christ these people. Get your parents to either toughen you up or make yourself better.
  • CassandraTRCassandraTR ✭✭✭✭✭
    Lol @ this concept.

    You don't own the island of dawn. Kill faster or move to another channel.

    Of course basilisks are always full, its the closest one to the teleport and people are lazy. I'm on the highest pop server and I can kill orisks or ovolith 24/7 at any time of day. Just find a channel. There's always one open.
  • IoD has 7 Channels, pick another.

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