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Healers, how do you keep your sanity?



  • I've never been into healing, almost always run a dps class in MMOs I play so I never really understood how frustrating it is to be a healer until now. Especially a mystic healer in a dungeon where it seems like the melee are trying their hardest to get hit.
  • FaytEsteem wrote: »
    When dealing with other dps/tanks who don't block or dodge and get hit by every attack and constantly yell at you to heal/cleanse them when your trying to res another party member and what not.....how do you manage to stay sane here?

    WE DON'T
  • DaddykuryonDaddykuryon ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    We healers come in two flavors: sarcastic af or very sweet. You eventually get used to all of the screaming and learn how to tune it out. Unless your team spams the chat every few seconds lmao
  • I lost my sanity long time ago but still love the challenge when it come to healing on any game. If they do want to yell at me I block them out and stay foce.
  • Basically? [filtered] to my guildmates who are usually with me.
    I'll never forget one Tank in RKN who was FACE TANKING EVERYTHING, occasional blocking, no dodging, kept getting stunned at the first boss, it was just a royal mess. So they decided to yell at me for not "predicting" enough when I made it clear at the start, I was still sorta training in there with my healer. I was just raging in VC in Discord with my guildmates. It helped that I had a few guildmates with me in that run, and they could see I wasn't raging for nothing. So that's how I keep my sanity.
  • Is this a trick question. Who says I had that to begin with?
  • I just do what I can. I've become pretty Darwinian. Maybe some players are better off taking a nap while I get a thrall to do their job.
  • Just started Tera and I am a priest, been healing in every RPG game, not looking forward to toxic people or I end up trolling and get kicked :cold_sweat:

    Make a group of friends to run with or join a good guild that does content together and you'll never have that problem.
  • get good to the point where you'll never have to IMS or LFG into randoms, and then get even better than that so that even your friends will never run into anything to complain about.
  • I didn't think toxic people were really in-game until yesterday. I got called an idiot/noob, told to stop healing AND STAND STILL (yes they shouted it in caps) as my running from the boss' attacks was "making it hard". (I'm a priest I can't tank it duh. Plus if I die guess what happens to everyone else? Dead.) Well guess what I did:

    I stopped healing as requested. Got out of range. I danced a little. I watched their health dwindle fast. I felt bad at first but then I thought "I was called an idiot. This tank stood still out of battle instead of tanking to type that I'm an idiot for well over 30 seconds while I was busy healing the DPS person."

    Guess what happened? They died at least 6 times. You don't want healz? ok no problem.

    Then I got accused of being afk. I pointed out the fact that they didn't want healed so I did what they wanted. I also pointed out that *before* they called me an idiot and literally told me to stop healing that I had them at full health, all buffs, and energy stars on whenever possible.

    It's not my fault you suck as a tank and can't keep a little aggro. Do you even have aggro crystals equipped? Apparently not.

    At first I was annoyed but then I thought back to the video someone shared on this post and I ended up laughing and having a good time. I'm sorry this is the first "tough" boss you've fought in a 3 person party and don't fully understand how to play your tank or know the boss' mechanics.

    I do everything I can to keep my team alive... until I'm called an idiot noob. People should learn to respect their healers. We are the last person you want to p*** off.

    Man I do love being a healer though. I LOVE keeping people alive, but if people are being jerks, it's no longer my problem.
  • i mean it doesnt bother me i mean the more they yell at me the more i say no lets not forget that you want the healing and cleansing your life is my hands and way i see i control if u live or die so to all those out yelling at use healers you better show respect and treat them like gods
  • <3 i enjoy being a healer cause i like being the sadist of the team the more you yell at me saying iam a noob or a idiot or i dont my job the more i will leave sit down and watch you slowly die but if u know your place as then maybe i will heal you :3:p
  • plain and simple go in to a dungeon with a friend then say "if you stand in [filtered], you're going to die" i've done it so many times in LKNM on ps4, people learn to not stand in stuff that does damage. the first bosses fire pools some archer kept standing in them i didn't heal them because it was a waste of time to try and out do the debuff they kept getting.
  • This is what me and my party say to healers....

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