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Flying mount

I saw a few flying mount, i spend the gold in get quicker enchant or for better rol, so when enmasse suppose to give élite the flying mount? I see in tera pc elite have a flying one


  • The flying mount came from the season pass.
  • There is no such thing, atleast in spanish store
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    It was pass back in april. Gives you mounts and such every month. This month was the first flying mounts in game.
  • It was supposed to be an exclusive dragon mount. The lion one you see in game was the generic one in PC. Lol
  • I'm pretty sure the egg you are growing turns into the dragon mount. Seeing as the next time you feed it turns into a adult dragon. I'm guessing by the end of the season pass October. We will have a dragon mount.
  • But how manage to get flying skill argo? They sell it on trade broker, but how to obtain on ps4?
  • Tera News:

    "There are lots of ways to get flying mounts this month in TERA for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One:

    June 5: Item Pass subscribers get Argo, a flying lion mount.
    June 12: Flying mount DLC packs go on sale in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store with Winterwing (a winged white stallion), Eclipse (a winged black stallion), and Hellwing (a smoldering winged lion).
    June 26: Elite players get Sirocco, a flying lion, as the elite mount.
    June 26: All level 65 players get access to the quest Morick's Research Paper, with the flying horse mount Tulpar as a completion reward.

    It's time to take to the skies, because once you try one of the flying mounts, you won’t know how you got along without one."
  • Many thanks kat
  • HvVproHvVpro ✭✭
    Tyvm katalina
  • Hellwing looks so cool
  • FinalFantasy7FinalFantasy7 ✭✭
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    Flying mounts are cool but lets try next level... allow us to fly with our wings (without using a mount) :)
  • > @FinalFantasy7 said:
    > Flying mounts are cool but lets try next level... allow us to fly with our wings (without using a mount) :)

    PC has Flight Suits like Iron Man. I'm sure well get them also eventually.
  • Flying mounts are neat and all, but... what about having places to actually fly to? IoD as the only endgame area is pretty damn dreary.
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