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XIGNCODE with next patch? Hello EME announce atleast that we are installing malware with this game!!



  • FulzoidFulzoid ✭✭✭
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    ElinUsagi wrote: »
    how is it just paranoia?

    this isn't a tin foil hat situation, a program is going to be scanning files on your computer and looking through active processes.
    there is no independent party making sure they don't do anything nefarious, no transparency or even a scope of intended access.

    how is anyone OK with this?
    how is this even legal?

    if you blindly trust a company like this then there is something seriously wrong with you.

    Do you use Windows?

    Do you use Chrome?

    Do you use Steam?

    Those are only 3 examples of software that risk your personal info, banks do the same, cellphone services providers also.

    Are you going to live excluded from modern society just because of that?

    Good luck.

    I use Linux
    I don't use garbage Chrome
    I use steam with an app phone number, Steamcard

    Thx for asking. Now shoo with your stupidity.

    We talking about 2 companies ending up with everything you do on your computer, forced into your throat. We talking about something NOBODY agreed on on ToS (I did read it btw) so therefore EME is actually against the law doing so and can very be sue'd. Although, Sueing mEME result into the very same result, Tera will die and a korean company will grow stronger, bigger and without a touch because people will keep "protecting" them like you do "it's okay, everybody does it". Wrong!

    First, not every company does it, and MANY other companies / White hat hackers are working hard times just to keep themself safe.

    Edit(wopps): Second, Your personal info, as I said many time before, are sold, resold and re-resold. Who ever buys it may even re-sell it. Yet, you shouldn't be happy about the fact that, for instance, google know what you'll do 1 month before you actually do it. [filtered], sickness, wedding, trip, whatever. Selling personal info is what make all the marketing company grow atm, because people are clueless and blind agrees to everything pushed into their throat... deep throating with someone I dunno, nty.
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    MistyTera wrote: »
    I saw nothing of the sort, but the XIGNCODE only scans for hacking programs running and processes in Tera. That's it! It doesn't read your personal information.

    If Xingcode on TERA works as it works on Closers then I suspect the scan is lesser than people claim over here.

    Anyway, EME need to address the purpose of this "security update" because so far most people knows it wont stop cheaters at all and false positives is something too risky to get from a tool that won't get to do what it is supposed to do (there is already a by-pass to not let it install or to making it useless).
  • FulzoidFulzoid ✭✭✭
    I also have problem with multiboxing. It's allowed in ToS, although it'll point out as "negative positive" and mEME will take action because they're told too.
    I have problem with option modification. I want my game to run over 30fps, can I peacefully run my game over 30 fps?
    I have problem with option modification. I wanna see what's behind me, what's coming toward me. Can I run the game with actual vision, or I have to play the game has a FPS (or close to) with FoV of 71...
    I have problem with option modification. I wanna be able to see the boss movement/action, so I have to turn dmg floating text off by deleting/editing a file.
    I have problem with Root access to spy on my computer, regardless what info it says to register, it has full access to it, and no... sorry but no.
    I have problem with a malware put on my computer without telling me. I didn't agree to this, and this is why I'm writing this very text. I don't wanna share my info with a korean company that can't look slightly decent.
    I have problem with community defending an outstanding bad decision, known to be 100% inefective, that will harm those who play legit.

    I'm not a proxy user cuz I run with 20-35 ping all day long, my .ini are modified so I can have 3 pre-set FoV, I turned a few things off. I don't have DPSmeter but I would totally do if it was an add-on to the game (aka tolerated), but I sure ask people how I do, because I don't have dmg floating text, because I play ninja and boss is 75% of the time, overwhelmed by floating text. I multi box because I can easily run 6 Tera at once and keep a fps of 30 in Velika, but without those tweak, I'll be running 1 with 40fps (tested it).

    So, forcing me to play without .ini Tweak and with a malware that will spy on me daily, causing my160 FPS to turn 40 FPS just because mEME made a bad decision and agrees to be illegal, I don't think so.

    @All defenders of Xigncode, think it this way... If it wasn't lucrative, it wouldn't exist. So still think they do nothing with your info?
  • FulzoidFulzoid ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    1: Uninstall and teach mEME a lesson
    2: Bypass

    T u r d: Ignore and agrees to new unsaid terms.

    Beside, Misty, you can decide whatever you do for yourself, but misleading people stating what they actually say on their website won't help your case. Many people went to see their website and found out it was a big joke. That's all what matters.
  • nobody is defending xigncode, they're just trying to talk reason into people running on an over-hyped scare. xigncode is not malware, nor a rootkit. here is a statement by a former community manager of black desert online (a game where xigncode is commonplace) from 2017.


    don't you think that if this software was truly compromising people's identities or ruining lives we would have heard about it by now? why would it still be used by several publishers if it was as shady as everyone claims?

    it's not my call if BHS is getting their money's worth with whatever this software is trying to stop, but let's stop spreading misinformation that this is malware, please.

  • Fulzoid wrote: »
    @All defenders of Xigncode, think it this way... If it wasn't lucrative, it wouldn't exist. So still think they do nothing with your info?
    You make a good point, the way i've seen this program work in its ability to log your keystrokes and scan any folder and file on your pc should concern people. Even just scanning your emails you have stored on outlook, this program could within seconds download everything to their servers, you would never have a clue and then would have access to everything you've ever ordered, your credit card information, shipping/billing address, personal emails and conversations. Enough to pretty much have the weight of the world against you if they ever wanted to leverage blackmail on you for any thing they want. Takes one random rogue employee to do it, and your life is over, the legal costs alone would destroy your life trying to get some kind of justice.

    It sickens me to see people say we can trust them. I don't even trust North American drm companies, absolutely not gonna trust a weird korean one which i have no ability to hold accountable if they cross me or damage my computer hardware.

    Its obvious installing this opens the gates of your PC open to anyone with malicious intent and blind trust ends to financial ruin. The aggressive un-permitted access to scanning any file on your pc is worse than even the most unwanted malware scanner, which only scans system files and nothing else unless you tell it to.
  • So....how do they plan on handling this with their EU players? Considering this just became illegal....ban hammer? :O no warning, no nothing other than leaked info then a crappy forum post which most won't even be aware of the DAY BEFORE.
  • The only thing preventing me from being ok with XIGNCODE is that it will cause my SSD to die much faster. Sorry Tera but that's a deal breaker, I just dropped $30 on the steampunk pack too. I think thats why they announced the XIGNCODE thing right after the big sale. I don't want to quit Tera but I can't ruin my PC just to play your game.
  • StarkhoeStarkhoe ✭✭✭
    MistyTera wrote: »
    I saw nothing of the sort, but the XIGNCODE only scans for hacking programs running and processes in Tera. That's it! It doesn't read your personal information.

    If people are worried about information gathering and being monitored, then they shouldn't go online and sign user agreement protocols or submit reports. This kinda stuff is always going to happen somewhere, somehow. If these things were a virus, id say that most people are already infected. In fact doesn't Tera run via Steam? is that suppose to be "innocent"? I doubt it. But I think that whats really on many peoples minds is weather or not their side clients and DPS meters will still be functional, and weather or not their computers will be red flagged by unrelated apps or modifications, which have nothing to do with Tera itself.

    The likely answers to this whole thing is: yes.

    1) Will some people be red flagged without a reason? yeah that's probably gonna happen.

    2) Will that red flagging process be sorted out fairly by any of the companies involved? nope. Its probably automated.

    3) Will Xigncode lag people with potato PCs? most likely. But it probably wont be so different form the normal lag they are already used too. Like instead of the usual 5 dcs in RKEM it will become 7, or something.

    4) Will peoples data be sold somewhere? I don`t know but if I had to guess id say its already been sold.

    5) Will peoples side clients and meters keep working? yeah definitely. Xigncode seems like garbage.

    Maybe i`m wrong about all of this. Who knows really. But hey worse case this game just dies and everyone moves on to another game. Maybe to something like BDO which also uses Xigncode lol
    "2. XIGNCODE does not collect any information or contents of private files/folders/chatting logs at all. It only scans the existence of hacking tools or suspicious malware. The only folders it's scanning is the Tera Folder on it's contents and other processes."

    Its more than just it, but yeah they are not going to steal info because that would be so stupid its hilarious.
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