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Loot boxes.

So, I have just opened over 50 Technicolor Yawn Box trying to get a Rainbow Cloud, is this normal like? Ffs


  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    It's a loot box...don't go into it expecting to get what you want out of it

    So yes, this is normal...RNG and all
  • I figured I was gonna have to open a "few" to get something out of it but didn't expect to be this bad..
    People are getting 2 underwear within less than 30 boxes.. How hard should a cloud be lol
  • Its gambling. No more no less. If you do it your going to waste a lot of money. In some countries in game lootboxes are being classified as gambling and being made illegal.
  • I opened 364 innerwear boxes and only got 3 innerwear . . . yea :l
  • FinalFantasy7FinalFantasy7 ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Several weeks ago i wanted to buy the crimsonheart dragon mount for my mystic.
    I saw one for 15 euro but it didn't had the hp/mp bonus so instead i bought 10 crimsonheart dragon lootboxes which had the bonus, and got it after opening 4 lootboxes.

    In neverwinter you can buy lockboxes which cost 120 zen each ( 100 zen = 1 euro/usd )
    Each lockbox has a chance to give you a legendary item or mount.
    So many players opening between 100 and 1000 lockboxes a day. Some are lucky and other are not cuz the RNG is so bad. It's like you spend 1000 euro on opening lockboxes, and hope to get a virtual item / mount that's character bound.

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