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Gridiron prize is a joke and lies

Did anything notice the amount of rewards you needed? 5-9 medal per game and 120 for a normal dyad or 880 for a smart one?? LOL once a week pvp thing fpr just 2 hours too. And the patch note said 'rewards include...and onset masks', it wasn't even there??


  • yeah, and you can get a bravery potion? like the old one thats useless instead of the stronger everyone need?
  • It's laughable really how bad EME is out of touch with their game. :/
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    The Grid shop is pretty much the same as EU version so BHS has wonderful design on that
  • It really feels like these token shops for BG's/DG's/Gridiron were all designed with the idea that they were on permanently, and players were playing them 24/7 and nothing else, which is silly and impossible.

    But the gridiron shop has to be the worst of the lot. Uncommon noc refiners and regular bravery pots? With the reward scaling I can't imagine the guardian legion innerwear coupon containing anything other than low-tier blue innerwear either.
  • the latest changes and nerf to meta just make the grinds seem endless, i dont feel like playing much for the same reason
    Vinyltails wrote: »
    The Grid shop is pretty much the same as EU version so BHS has wonderful design on that

    He is right, its bhs thing... but where are the masks? lol bhs
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