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Hello ive been maining a reaper since reaper was released,does anyone have any knowledge of a crit cap ? I keep hearing about these and am wondering if there is a point at wich I should slow down on crit and start adding power I'm currently at +320 atm and am concerned I'm loosing damage. Thanx I.Lethal CH


  • if you are still hitting a lot of whites then you haven't reached cap, unfortunately reapers still need max crit it's an under performed class for pve although it has some cheap stun tactics for pvp
  • I think +320 is the critic cap for a dps based on critics. I would have more white numbers on sorcer with less (arcane pulse) , i dont know for reapers but zerkers may need less, like +310. But if u see white numbers on main damage skills than u need that amount of +320. Vogel
  • Thanx :) imma try to play around a lil with it after maint
  • I mean although I don't really main a Reaper in the current patch, I don't think they really have a crit cap:

    So it probably goes the same as every other class, use optimal rolls (4/4 crit/power on rings, 4 power neck, 3/6 power/crit belt etc) and just stack crit till you can't any more. If you're using double energetics you'll probably cap out around +335~ with max gear and that's honestly reasonable if you don't have any hard caps on crit like Warr/Valk/Brawler etc.
    You could probably swap out a ring or necklace and maybe an earring too in order to easily drop around 70~ crit or so just to test out numbers.
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