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I know its stupid question,but who is most need in party Mystic or sorcerer?

If i'm going to be play in party



    If they are looking for a healer, they would want either a Priest or Mystic.

    If they want a DPS, they would preferably want an awakened DPS class over a Sorcerer.

  • LagIncarnateLagIncarnate ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Well, Mystic's are healers, so they're more needed simply by the fact that a healer is mandatory in a party, there are only 2 healer classes, Sorc's are and DPS are interchangeable with 9 different DPS classes and a majority population of DPS.
  • PeorthPeorth ✭✭
    If you have to ask, play a sorc. Sorcs are fun and should be buffed anytime soon... hopefully. can't take long.
  • They fulfill entirely different roles
  • SatevaSateva ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Sorc got left in the dust for years, then they got a buff, it was good again, for one patch, then it got slammed right back down to C teir DPS.

    For alts I picked sorc over mystic, I can barely afford one alt. I just really love the class, it's not bad at all for IM party's and normal modes. Look up some sorc guides first though, it's not for every one. It's main gimmick is squeezing every millisecond for all it's worth (high reaction time) in PvE, in PvP, they have some of the best and easiest to pull off combos, very fun.
    If a slower less key mashing ranged class sounds more you, go archer, their skills arn't chain combo like sorc, it's charge and release. Archer still in the top teir.
    I'm keeping mine's gear semi current in hopes sorc will be viable again soon, it is the funnest DPS in this game IMO.
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