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How to get U vanguard request?

How do I get my vanguard requests to give me the quest for brutal naga battlemasters so I can get the U? It's just showing me brutal fimbrilisks or brutal basilisks now.


  • You need to be 417. There are 3 quests: Nagas, Giants, or Hydraths. Either finish whatever you have until you get to Nagas, or lower your ilvl below 417, wait until vanguards update or log out, raise your ilvl to 417+, and wait or log out again. If you didn't get Nagas, repeat.
  • Thanks, I guess I'll need to get a few more ilvls.
  • KatalinaKatalina ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    I just noticed today that Solo Hunt Brutal Ovoliths was also giving a U. Perhaps it changes by day, or maybe any one of the three quests in the tier can give it.

    Edit: Think it changes by day. Just finished hydraths and Nagas popped up. It is not showing a U as a reward.
  • Got to 417, logged off for a bit then came back and when I logged in again it gave me a U for Solo Hunt Brutal Ovoliths.
  • As i said on another post, go 417, have vanguard daily avaiable, put off armor and weapon, wait, vanguard quest disappear, wear again all your stuff, wait, vanguard quest appear again and if lucky naga quest appear, if not try again
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