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PC Strongbox event, when?



  • LionadiasLionadias ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    I think you guys are complaining about the fact you got [filtered] over cause you made a poor choice in your key investment, there is always a risk, eme is not obligated to have a key event. You made a bad gamble, live with your loss either. Dump your keys or yolo some boxes, your choice.
  • ThukingThuking ✭✭✭
    I didn't invest in any keys. Eme said they reworked the strongboxes to be valuable without jackpots but they aren't so that is why everyone is complaining. Also I don't see any gold or silver talents in the strongboxes what are you even doing jagex.
  • There is at this time no viable way to get silver talents in game unless they have a strongbox event i see why people are upset and it is pretty shady they have a key daily deal then announce it after people spent real money on them..........luckily i did not i got mine from the emporium but that is some pretty shady business dealings, they have always had strongbox events so people expect them. At least announce when you made them allegedely worthwhile without the events that "hey we won't be doing events anymore don't waste your time picking the boxes up or buying keys" lol. The boxes don't even drop talents........
  • Here's the thing, one EME employee has said that he doesn't plan on having strongbox events any more. I think there's the possibility that we still might get a strongbox event or two down the road but obviously there's no guarantee. In the meantime, I will hoard my keys until I quit or we have an event.

    I think their mistake was "announcing" it though. Otherwise they could have just not had any event for the next few months or so and well, we'd have nothing to complain about really because we'd have hope that the next one is coming soon...

    Another thing people like to ask about is double/triple drop event. For all we know, Singlebear might have decided never to give us a global double drop again but at least he hasn't come out and said this officially.
  • they change the loot so people would buy strong box keys throughout the entire year instead of 3-5 times during events. i understand that they may think this would bring $$ but you can't compare 6000 gold/silver talents to these new and improved strong boxes loots.
  • Just revert back to giving us cruxes. Good idea but lets scrap it please.
  • McOnosRepMcOnosRep ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    And meanwhile apparently the top post in last 24 hours on TERA Reddit with over 2K views and 97% upvoted is:

    PSA: Don't buy Strongbox keys with EMP.


    What makes this situation so likely to harm future purchases of EMP is that EME did a sale, then announced they were nerfing rewards. A guildie of mine who is a (smallish) whale bought a lot of keys when they were on sale, but after logging on today and hearing what had happened literally said just "That's it." and logged off immediately and hasn't been seen online even on Discord since.

    Not to mention there is a similar feeling from people who bought keys with TERA reward points, only to find out they are far less valuable now. I have no idea why any company would pull this stunt on their most valuable customers. Best case scenario it makes the real money spenders feel taken advantage of and less likely to spend money on TERA again. Worst case it not only drives them away, but also generate a lot of negative feedback in the wider gaming community. And this also messes over the F2P who would have really benefited from a strongbox event as talent prices are already very high and still rising...

    By comparison GF is literally doing everything it can to persuade people to join their version of the game ESPECIALLY the real money spenders.

  • xXshiroeXxxXshiroeXx ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    I honestly do not understand, what do you want to do with the strongboxes? if you think that before you could take the jackpot 16 diamonds, 6k gold talent, 6k silver talent ... but now you can take at most a jackpot of 100 fashion coupons, 100 entropic emblem, 1 diamond ... the difference between before and now it's absurd ... All this makes no sense to me ... without the event this system has to be revised

    edit: and yes I am one of those people who has a lot of keys bought at about 750g to 1200g, the current price is about 1300g, but the problem is not a wrong investment, because I made many right and others wrong, that's how it works, but for me this jackpot system is completely wrong, if there are no more events, the current jackpot does not make sense to me
  • McOnosRep wrote: »
    By comparison GF is literally doing everything it can to persuade people to join their version of the game ESPECIALLY the real money spenders.
    If they make some sort of account transfer happen (inofficial, like show us a recording of your inventories, characters and we'll give you an account with that) they would probably get the vast majority of european players from here.
  • YordanYordan ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Gigantic nerfs to dungeon jackpots, removal of strongbox jackpots, making strongbox sale where most people who bought them did so with jackpots in mind then announcing oh sorry no more of that will every happen again. That's some next level cash grabby stunt.

    I wonder what's next, silver plates are almost 1k each by now and new accessories were introduced to ktera already. Everything is super expensive and ways of obtaining these items were nerfed to the ground. Only real way of getting something is spending huge amounts of money.

    Not to mention that it's one big loot box fiesta in general where you purchase chance to obtain something, because that nets them higher profit. I mean all these las vegas casinos must be making quite a profit aswell. Let's see how long it will take me to stop logging in.
    I looked at the link about this so-called "new and improved" strongboxes.

    And when I saw this.....


    "Thank you for your feedback and suggestions on how we could improve TERA ’s strongboxes."

    Feedback? We actually GAVE FEEDBACK on this?!?!

    Apparently 'we" the community provided feedback that we really wanted complete veteran crystalbind, village atlas, reset scrolls, exp boost, fashion coupons, and much more stuff that we can easily obtain and it's cheap on broker.

    The fact that they pull a sale on strongbox keys and announce later that there won't be any more jackpot event pretty much slap heavy buying players who were pumped up on buying bundles of strongbox keys to save up for future jackpot events.
  • "Thank you for your feedback and suggestions on how we could improve TERA ’s strongboxes." you've made them 10x worst :unamused:
  • I love how we got the news that there won't be anymore jackpot events on discord and not here. This link http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-presents-new-and-improved-strongboxes should have said something about it. very poor miscommunication tbh. Can any staff member say anything about this?
    Does anyone know what will happen with the gold/silver talents? I took a vacation for two weeks and came back to find silver talents at 170g each ( they started slowly from 40g each ).. while also finding out that there will no longer be any strongbox key event ( haha.. ha.. ha.. tries not to cry.. cries anyway ... )

  • ThukingThuking ✭✭✭
    Good solution is to play on EU Tera
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