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Gu"N"ner event not dropping the "N"

Is it a confirmed bug? or do i need to submitt a ticket? on discord they are asking "us' to list which dungeon it isn't dropping from....like really its supposed to drop from all lev.65 dungeons...im stuck and dissapointed


  • did you run 2 dungeons? the way it's worded on the news page is that you should just get it after running 2 lvl 65 dungeons. (not sure at that point if it comes thru mail, item claim or a vanguard request)
  • The "N" can drop from all of the following :

    Kalivan's Challenge
    Vault of Kaprima
    Demokron Factory
    Demokron Factory (Hard)
    Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
    Shadow Sanguinary
    Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
    Lilith's Keep
    Lilith's Keep (Hard)
    Ruinous Manor
    Ruinous Manor (Hard)

    It is worth mentioning, that I am getting some reports that it's not a guaranteed drop in all of the above listed Dungeons.
  • If can be any help i did shadow sanguinary e lilith keep, all in normal mode, each one gave the letter N (it did no appear in the quest details reward)
  • I did kalivans challenge twice and it dropped both times, as a pick up item drop, not a reward, you physically pick the item "N" up.
  • i know it doesnt work in channelworks
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