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Gu"N"ner event not dropping the "N"

Is it a confirmed bug? or do i need to submitt a ticket? on discord they are asking "us' to list which dungeon it isn't dropping from....like really its supposed to drop from all lev.65 dungeons...im stuck and dissapointed


  • KarpoKarpo ✭✭
    N: Starting Friday, June 15, complete any level 65 dungeon and receive an N. You'll need two, of course, but you may complete the same dungeon twice if you wish. right now its not every 65 lev dungeon they are many exceptions we need a clear list of which dungeons drops this. a.s.a.p
  • nem3sisnem3sis ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Yeah, it's bugged... I mean what a surprise... I never understood why companies (another game ported from pc to console springs in mind) never tests their patches in points of playability and what not. I do understand it's a resources thing but if they deliver a broken experience ppl will get fed up and leave right?

    Edit: fix incoming on 26th when maintainance happens :expressionless:
  • Please see my response in This Forum Thread.
  • nem3sisnem3sis ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Please see my response in This Forum Thread.

    Thank you for the reply, it's confusing for the player because non of the dungeons are stating that a chance for a drop is there like the vanguard request does. Off to some dungeon runs I guess.

    Edit: 5 channel works dropped nothing, 2nd LKNM and first DFNM dropped a N
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