EXP scrolls doesn't stack with Elite 100% exp boost

I did some research and found out 100% 1 hour, 5 hours, 1 day , 5 days and 1 week exp scrolls don't stack but 50% should stack with elite 100% exp boost.

I tested all of them and found out the 50% exp scrolls do not work. I do see showing 50% exp boos elite status now everyday instead of 100% exp.

I did tried on my mystic when leveling it up to lv65 several weeks ago. My mystic is item level 423 at the moment and i still see 50% exp boost with elite status instead of 100% exp boost with elite status lol


  • Noticed this also.
  • The only XP boost that stacks with elite is either XP events or buddy up which we do not have on console. No other scroll stacks since elite is considered a XP boost already at 100%. You can still use them but no benefit comes from them till your elite expire than they kick in.
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