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    MistyTera wrote: »
    After researching user32.dll, there are viruses that can attach to that file, which perhaps XIGNCODE was doing it's job. However, XIGNCODE is having an error with Windows 10 I......................................n the game and it doesn't look for anything else.

    It looks at processes, not YOUR WHOLE COMPUTER!

    Instead of making people's eyes bleed again from reading this nonsense i trimmed it down. Misty, It's obvious from your rant that you have no idea what you are taking about. Kudos to you for researching, but before you rant try to understand your subject matter a bit better.

    At this point enough has been said about how bad and useless the program is, how it impacts frame rates, has killed the non-windows gamers, impacted some computers (including causing the game to crash constantly), and how it could potentially be collecting data that it shouldn't. The log file itself in the xing directory is encrypted so you can't tell what xing is doing or collecting.

    We'll just have to wait and see what EME does at this point, but i agree with most in that i think they (EME) are staying quiet hoping this will all die down and go away.

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    We'll just have to wait and see what EME does at this point, but i agree with most in that i think they (EME) are staying quiet hoping this will all die down and go away.

    I agree completely.

    EME is probably hoping these complaints will die down just like our FPS: 5 or 6 at any given time, but nothing anyone does will increase the number!
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    ElinUsagi wrote: »
    Win10 can confilct with Win10 anyway.

    I had to block a lot of services and process from Win10 so my laptop could works smooth even using a SSD didn't fix that.

    REALLY! OK I had enough of this so called anti-hack software! It's not EME/BHS fault! By now at least EME should consider removing XIGNCODE3!

    1. Messes with kernal file-causing BSODs
    2. Can block Windows system files.
    3. Corrupt SSD.

    I bet one windows update will cause a problem! Seriously just get rid of it! I'm seriously furious and spurn XIGNCODE3! Since people are still having issues with XIGNCODE3, it seems like Wellbia is not fixing their own software over the years! It is malware!

    I don't know why you try so hard. Half of the stuff you post is going right over EME's head. Something else is going on, so we just gotta wait and see what it is. Sean is telling himself that everyone against Xingcode is a bunch of cheaters. They're all a bunch of cheaters and just mad, because Xingcode won't let them cheat anymore. I bet he doesn't even believe there is a bypass or if it even works. He's thinking you guys think they bypass is working, but it isn't. I don't know why, but I really have a feeling they think they know what they are doing. Maybe one of the bears put something in the water. You'll never know.

    I'm right there with you. I think they believe they know what they are doing and have a plan (good or bad), and probably didn't think they would have this kind of backlash for using Xingcode.

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    So, back on a more positive topic, KitTeaCup has acknowledged the issues with college/university connections, and that they contacted Welbia for a fix. That's good! I like that transparency and am glad something is being done for those people. But, what about all the other issues that have been brought up? The FPS losses? The longer game boot/load times? The BSODs and bricked computer drives? Are those going to be looked into at any point, or is EME just picking and choosing what's convenient for them?

    Especially the person reporting the SSD failure. Good lord, you guys should really be held accountable for that nonsense. That's a very serious and costly issue.

    (Edited for clarity.)
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    MistyTera wrote: »
    Yet, I'm surprised that people have been mentioning their problems for years on other games and it still those issues hasn't been fixed!

    So basically, Wellbia won't (be able or willing to) fix this? Then our only hope I guess is BHS/EME removing xigncode completely. I mean, it's not like there aren't other anti cheat programs out there. But since it's already being used in other titles... RIP. :(
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    Yeah, that's what I said, there are other anti cheat programs out there.
    And I was referring to EME already using it in their other titles. So it's probably here to stay, no matter what problems players will experience.

    Personally, I'd download Tera again if it's being taken out, not any sooner. So, as I said, most likely ... RIP.
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    MistyTera wrote: »
    Oh here's a thought, why not just have the anti-hack program block cheats by server function, rather than having it on our computers? Is that even possible? Because we all are connected to server.

    Obviously they should do this as the primary anti-cheat mechanism, and there is a lot of improvement that needs to be made in this area. (I won't say they've done nothing in this area, but it's clearly not enough.) However, catching everything on the server-side is difficult and could cause a lot of server-side overhead. Ideally you'd want to address the most egregious issues server-side, but still have some means to prevent client-side manipulation as well.

    And no, the odds of them removing XIGNCODE from the game (given that it's already in use on all EME's other games, on BHS's PUBG, and on TERA in all Asian regions) are not good.

    Edit: FWIW, they mentioned on the Stream that they want anyone with problems starting the game to send in a ticket so they can diagnose and confirm the root cause. Also mentioned in general that they do see people's feedback and are taking it in right now.
  • Enmasse you re going to do SOMETHING about the fking FPS drops or not?
    Please, say a fkin word about it, i dont want to lose more time if not.
  • They wouldn't want to admit any fault with XIGNCODE because of PUBG and other games that use it.

    I had never even heard of PUBG until the XIGNCODE discussion resulted in PUBG being repeatedly referenced in the forums.
    The Steam page shows a huge disapproval rating related to cheaters and I think BHS are trying make it appear that they are combating the issue (successfully) with their anti-cheat system. Apparently PUBG is on 30 million computers and completely dwarfs TERA's player population. XIGNCODE is present for no other reason then because of marketing.

    If they removed XIGNCODE from TERA, that is an acknowledgement that XIGNCODE is not worth having in the application, either because it is doing more harm then good or because it simply doesn't work. BHS would not want to risk a backlash against XIGNCODE for the benefit of TERA's player base.

    For the life of me, I have no comprehension of why XIGNCODE was added to TERA in the first place.
    I am quite certain both BHS and EME are well aware that it is worthless.
    Now it's here, it can't be removed because of F'ing marketing.

    The really stupid part is, XIGNCODE is a fundamentally flawed concept.
    The only realistic way to combat client side cheating is to do it at the hardware level like a video game console and have everything run in a white list only mode.
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