Letter E on Hydraths not working.


Have you guys being able to obtain the letter E for the gunner event?

It says it is suppose to be on Onyx Hydraths vanguard reward and starting today.

But have just done it and got nothing.

:s :s :'( :s :s


  • When the vanguard pops up it'll have Addition Reward: E at the bottom. If you didn't see this then you likely had an older version of the vg. I assume you need to get rid of that one (Either do it, or lower/raise ilvl to replace it) and get a current one.
  • On saravash (ps4 eu) letter E no pop up on reward hydraths quest
  • I forget is the hydrath vanguard request hidden behind an Ilvl restriction?
  • It is, it’s 417. I have a feeling they’ll reduce it just like they did with the U.
  • trying to figure out how Ilvl tier is working here cuz the full slaugher set with full gate/vain accessories all +9 or higher still only gets you to iLvl 405ish but I don't see a set between that and the gear from 410 content to actually get you to 410 let alone 417
  • You need to have at least 2 +12 slaughter items, I believe gloves and armor to get to 410 where you will be able to drop your guile set (:
  • gloves and weapon at +12 chest at +10 and boots at +9 still Ilvl 405... guessing I need inner armor that isn't the green idoneal one or something
  • WTF lol, innerarmor adds about 1 or 2 item level. I don't understand how you have only 405 as I have a sorc full +9 at 405 too. Mind posting a pic? Lol
  • Do you have all gold rolls?
  • will post a screenshot once I get home if I remember
  • elixir66 wrote: »

    You need to do enchantment effect reset and make sure the primary and progressive enchantment effects are yellow.

  • Got the enchantments on all my armor to yellow and the chest up the rest of the way to +12 and just hit 410
  • I am not sure if it's available for item level 410 players but if it is then you have to finish all the level 69 hunt vanguard requests until you see this ( see image )

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