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Event Suggestions

This one... is a flop, sorry guys.

Biggest reason #1 - You crashed the server. Naice. (CH)
Reason #2 - Making them hit based prioritizes classes with higher hpm. Not necessarily a huge problem, but kind of unideal to have an event that ppl can't play on their mains which is typically what they enjoy most. Not the biggest issue but kind of weird. Just give them higher hp so that players are instead incentivized to band together and play seriously. (Atm its just kind of like... go brawler, summon loot gather pet, pop growing fury, faceroll keyboard, profit.)
Reason #3 - Gatekept to high sc players only. Non sc gets 1-3 shot by dmg from attacks. Also attacks from the medium sized crabs have no animation to indicate the attack to prompt iframing/block, bc they just stand there and randomly poison, sleep, charge, whatever.
Nice rewards, good general idea, trash execution.

Way too many spawned at once as well. At least on my server, there was only one raid, not full at all, going around hunting them. Reducing number of them that spawn at once might help prevent something like.... idk... a server crash. :)

It is my sincere wish that those at EME thoughtfully consider this feedback. Let's do our best to promote an engaged, positive gaming community that works together to do challenging fun rewarding content, and do what we can to avoid promoting selfishness, disinterest to participate, or tilting.

I miss the good old days where the server banded together to take down whatever monstrosities y'all spawned and were rewarded for their time and hard work and made new friends they'd never met before in the process. :)


  • Just a few people were hunting the crabs, idk why it crashed the server (or if it really was the event's fault). Soloing them with a class that is not brawler/maybe lancer is a waste of time, since the monsters are crazy strong.
  • - Due to the boss/class mechanics, these types of per-hit BAM's are basically monopolised by warriors and brawlers. Warriors deal a broken number of hits per second due to DG, and brawlers don't need to worry about health which is useful when healers have little incentive to actually heal for these.

    - Classes without multi-hit skills or high hits per second are terrible here. You could say it's biased towards DPS, but zerkers/slayers get [filtered] during these events too, probably worse than healers. Everyone basically hops on alts instead of playing on their preferred characters.

    - The smaller hermit crabs are basically useless. They drop small amounts of noctenium and some HP pots, but since they deal absurd damage and the poison and sleep crabs deal damage through block making tanking them practically impossible, they're pretty much impossible to farm effectively.

    - The drops are all frontloaded onto the big crabs... Which don't respawn. This makes the event, at least on MT, 30 minutes of hunting big crabs before they're all dead, and then 30 minutes of staring at the small crabs with their pitiful drops.

    - Unlike previous BAM events that were based around partying up, joining together and taking down BAM's as a community effort, these are the exact opposite. You DON'T want other players around, the more BAM's you kill alone before other people show up the better, partying up with friends is a detriment because killing them faster doesn't increase loot, it decreases loot. The faster things die the faster they run out. The more people that participate the less rewards each person gets, completely contradictory to how an event should function.
  • McOnosRepMcOnosRep ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Some nice thoughtful posts here.

    I do agree that making BAMs rewards hit based is a silly idea as it benefits certain classes enormously, and penalises healers especially.

    Making the BAMs do so much damage is also a bit unfair to less geared players. To be honest I did try to use my healer to help raids (and got next to nothing) and then tried a Archer and got very little, so am simply going to be selfish next time and use my brawler which is a shame as feels nice to have been part of a raid doing fun stuff.

    Perhaps they could make it so that there only a few very high HP Crabs and everyone in a raid who tags a BAM gets a Bound-to-Account higher tier Nocts or bravery/cane or rejuv/50% health pot.

    Also I do think that as a general rule for such events EME might consider making all loot Bound-to-Account as a safeguard to stop (unexpectedly?) broken events destroy the economy.
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    Was there any indication anywhere that this was going to be tonight? I thought I checked Discord, and all the usual places. I knew it was GOING to happen , but though maybe the first night of the festival...

    Look, I couldn't have made it tonight no matter what. However, often I have a limited number of hours I can play each week that I could prioritize with advance knowledge.

    If it was meant to be a surprise, can I just say that I feel surprises stink.

    Advance warning is always appreciated. The more the better frankly.

    I'm really disappointed. I love monster hunting events.
  • RenniBeeRenniBee ✭✭✭
    I totally agree with the comment a few posts up about the event being such a way that people are encouraged to solo instead of band together. I actually had some person tell me "Go away." when it was literally just the two of us on one of the bosses. Cause they wanted it all to them self that bad... yeah. Let's... make events in such a way that people aren't encouraged to be selfish like that.
  • ThukingThuking ✭✭✭
    I didn't see any gold talents droping from the bams wat a waste of time
  • Ray676Ray676 ✭✭✭
    Reason number 1: The event is not announced literally anywhere.

    Still feels like Tera has no CM :^) or staff to be honest.
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