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Glyph boxes

Are there even such as green glyphs for Blade Draw Power or Charge Cooldown for warrior? Or in other words are there green types for every glyph?

I opened so many boxes from different sources since the release of the game and i got most glyphs but never got those mentioned glyphs.


  • Use a supercede to check what level 65 glyphs a class has. If you aren't 417 just convert 6 intercede to 1 super and check with that.
  • Also check the vanguard point shop's glyph token, it has a few you won't find in supercede.
  • Vg shop glyphs i have all, might check this supercede token method though.
  • VG shop has green glyphs which you shouldn’t really spend credits on as you could easily get all of them by running Macellarious Catacombs.
    The token glyphs are called master glyphs are the better versions of some of the VG glyphs plus some new ones. These are really worth getting depending on your class.
  • PrishanatorPrishanator ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Yes, that´s what it´s about actually. I got most master glyphs but there are still some glyphs for 1 or 2 skills which are still white for like ages... because you know the rates of the boxes are kinda broken. I can´t count how many times i got exactly the same glyph in a row or even thrice sometimes.
  • Not all glyphs are there, some skills don’t have neither green or master glyphs at all. You can see all green ones if you buy VG credit token and all master from a supersede token (glyph tab not glyph box tab). You might be having all the glyphs already and not know it.
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