Archer dmg broken

Hi, this is not a crying post because i have an Archer.

I notice the dps is way too high, this make me more frustrate, so i can do more dmg with Slaughter Archer than full warrior, i feel something wrong in my warr, Archer it so easy to chain skill, i have the Archer almost 422 now, im so happy with it, but i really want to be a good warrior, but i dont know what is the problem


  • Warriors damage comes from building edge and using Scythe at 10 stacks. Are you using it correctly?
    The good warrior differs from a bad one by the number of Scythes used in a fight at full edge. This skill is what gives about half of your total damage as a warrior.
  • Lol considering archers abilities are broken right now...
  • Are you grouping with other warriors on your warrior? Warrior is my favorite class on console so far and the damage doesn't seem too far out of line with other classes, but edge sharing with another warrior sucks. I hope we get the revamp soon.
  • Slayers are broken to !! the damage is low compared to my reaper and archer, this is very annoying because i love the slayer class !
  • Slayers just get screwed by animation locks.
  • Sorry guys, i was on smartphone and my english is too poor for a good explanation.

    Ofc i can be better than i am, i'm not top archer or warrior, but i always do a good job in every game, and i'm fast learning.

    I don't know if archer are really broken, but the numbers i see when i play with it really surprise me, yeah focus is bug, some radiant and penetrating arrow make a bug crit damage (like 30k crit) i don't know why, apart from this, i get everytime above 2m no matter what i use, is awesome.

    Warr is a different story, apart from scythe i just can get above 1m if i am in the back and the boss is enrage, so i do 1,2m with blade of draw (with the chest roll)

    My scythe are quite low, i see some 4m without any special buff (like channelwork) but most of time i get 2m, 2,7 or 3,5 (this last is when enrage) yeah i don't have the edge glyph but i use like 25 glyph egg still don't get it.

    I like warriors in every game, but... it seems to simple in this game, you have to follow the chain showed, and wait for scythe, in archer i can decide what skill i wanna use.

    I tested every dps, no one get me fun, atleast in lvl 20, berseker too slow, slayer low damage and similar play style to warrior, i don't like sorcerer.

    I have a mystic, archer and warrior, maybe i have to lvl up a brawler but since i deleted mine for not collapse myself with t10 farming, i feel to lazy to lvl another.

    BTW i just want to feel confortable with my warrior, and do a decent damage, my archer skill do more damage than my ONLY skill in the warr, it feels horrible and frustrating.

  • Warrior adds more to the table by debuffing the enemy, a warrior gives a dps gain to tge rest of the party unlike the archer. Warrior also tends to have more of a toolbox, even able to play tank if needed. Honestly warriors dps seems lower but the net gain adds more then the archer.

    As a zerker I deal far more damage next to a warrior then a archer, adding about 2 mill during enrage.
  • I can agree. Warrior is way underpowered atm but wait for the revamp and aweking skills then warrior will do way more dmg. Atm im on tier 10 gear, my blade draw does around 1.4 mio dmg normal/1.8/2 mio enraged. Scythe i only use on 10 edge but the sycthe seems to do low dmg compared to blade draw. I do normal 2.7 up to 3.5 mio dmg/ enraged 3.5 up to 4.6 mio. Atm my rolls are not good (i saw higher numbers same dungeons, tested in 410/417 dungeons) but i recently was got a echting and soon i will get some pvp rings/earrings aswell so i wait wirh the reroll. I got 2 sets of julwery 1 for running with mystic aura where i got a bit more power and 1 for doing solo/priest runs. 417 we run with mystic and priest and the dmg number are with both buffs from priest, my julwery set for mystic(more power) and with auras from mystic. My numbers are 52+235 critfactor (so i got 100% backcrit with sycthe) and around +200 power. Ofc with nustrum. With my old set i got around +214 power and my scythe hit around 5.4 mio enraged. Dmg compared to mage is pretty low and i hope warrior players like me will get soon the revamp because it desperated needed
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    warrior isn't underpowered if played correctly you should still be near the top in dps
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    Full t10 crit factor 52+247 power 58+109 low damage compare to yours, i'm trying to farm everyday four demokron nm each pj, and selling the feedstock masterwork to save gold and buy permanent enchant

    Btw i can't farm for borne accesories because scythe glyph doesn't show up no matter how many eggs i open
  • I get down crit to 52 + 238 and scythe doesnt always crit, i thought 282 was the cap
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    For mastergylps i did it different i was buy boxes with intercede until 1 was left this last one i buyed with supercede token, as far i know the total crit that u need is 287 that sycthe crits 100% with full power, you have basic 52 so 235 + is what you need

    @vifts then u dont know how good other classes can be played. My guild leader plays mage and he with 1 metor strike that hits 2x with every hit between 4-5 mio. And he isnt really good. I ran sce with the guild that cleared rmhm first on our server and the 2 mages from them hit twice as hard. As example if i play with my guild we getting the second boss from sce only down with nuktum infusion and we all protect everytime the crystals. As i ran with the other guys and the 2 mages there we wasnt protect any crystals and was loosw 2 crystals as we beated the second boss. Mage does if you can play him correcty triple times the dmg as a warrior that know what he does. The max what you can get with a scythe under tier 10 gear from what i heared from other warrior players is 7 mio. So its bit higher but it didnt come close to the dmg that a mage can deal
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    I get down crit to 52 + 238 and scythe doesnt always crit, i thought 282 was the cap

    the only two classes that can get 100% crit chance are the lancer and zerk, and that is only situational. If the zerk fails to crit twice with thunderstrike (if you are built correctly you will almost never see this happen) then the third strike is 100% guaranteed to crit. The lancer will crit 100% of the time with shield counter if hold the line is built up. Other than these two exceptions, all other classes can only manage about 85% crit rate (varies a bit based on class about 80-85% actually) due to hard cap on crit factor.
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