summer festival - temple medallions do not have loot box

not sure how this even got through the patch, but it even says BOTH tokens will have the summer box. it does not. the claret medallion does, but... it takes 150 total. please tell me that its just a bug that the temple medallions do not have the rng box included. the mats themselves are worthless, the only other thing "worth" inside the temple medallion shop is the rare noctenium thing but even then im sure after so many vanguards ppl have enough of that.

tl;dr the title, pls tell if its just a bug and consider lowering the total amt of claret medallions needed to get a box. maybe make it 50... just not 150.


  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    This is hilarious. Compare it to the last years event where we had the summer lootboxes from daily deals for a very low price in the token shop.
    Yup, they're just selling those versions in the cash shop now, while last year we could obtain them ingame - and from the shop as well. Oh also, the price was much, much lower. Consider lowering it because this current version of the lootbox doesn't even drop smartboxes and most of the time you will receive lame, lame accessories. Oh and you can get what, 12 a day per char? lol
  • last year it was 20 claret medallion for the loot box :/
  • But but hey you can now buy it in deal dailys.....cooool....yeahhh
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