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150 per loot box. 150. For one LOOT BOX?? Before it was what... 10?? 30?? Depending on the type if I remember correctly?

It's like you're trying to upset your playerbase at this point.

Come on!

There was ZERO reason to change it. If you are just gonna nerf everything you touch, don't touch it!! If it ain't broke don't fix it!! Why would you do this? Did you actually think anybody would be happy about this change? I can't imagine you could. Most of the people looking forward to this event are players who have been playing for at least a year if not more. So then what was your thinking on it. That you wanted to upset people?? Literally please help me understand because this just seems cruel.

Most people do not have a ton of alts to farm this event on, and even if they do, the time to do so.

I literally do not need these mats at all either. I could get way more, and way faster, doing dungeons. And so can most other people. ????

I hate to complain but you nerfed it when there was NO reason to nerf it! I don't think it has changed much at all in the past few years, so why would you even change it in the first place. It's a nostalgic fun TERA experience. It's a chance for the people who don't have a bunch of gold/money to get some swimsuits that they've been wanting. Even though last year admittedly we were able to get a good amount, you had to farm it and have decent rng and do it on some alts. But this? This is just ridiculous. I hope this is a joke. I've been looking forward to this for MONTHS.

And you just ruined it.
Nice job.

And I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way, am I.


  • last year it was 20 for the beach party ones, and 10 for the other one. but yea I don't like this it's very ridiculous!!!!
  • Definitely not the only person. It would take me 2 days to farm and get 1 box. I have a life outside Tera. I can't farm every day. This event had me really enthused and genuinely disappointed me. This is the first year (since 2013 when I started playing) that this event has disappointed me.
    0 outta 10... would definitely NOT recommend.

    (Also was wondering why it was the daily deal if we could get them for free later in the day, and now it makes perfect sense.)
  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭
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    You get free things from an event and you still complain? LoL

    If you don't want to farm them you can buy them with money.
  • You should know what the reason is, and if you don't let me put it in the easiest way to understand: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    They've been getting reaaally greedy recently.
  • Last year it gave smartbox costumes, if you got one. This year, if you're lucky enough to even get a costume it'll probably be amani (I'm not racist, I have lots of amani friends.)

    I get that last year gave out too many swimsuit costumes, but this is really far FAR too little.

    Can we have rewards that are neither "Super duper ultra mega crazy" good or "I'm slicing my beans up into three because I'm starving" poor, but somewhere inbetween?
  • JXE5356AKEJXE5356AKE ✭✭✭
    Like I didn't expect this event to be as good as last years, since pretty much all EME events have been lackluster in the past few months/since Spacecats has gone even, but this is pretty awful. The loot box isn't even guaranteed a costume for your race. A player is not going to be happy working days for a CHANCE at an item that will likely not even be usable.
    The enchanting mats offered are okay, but them being pretty much the only items is not. Talents are the bottleneck for most enchanting, and people have been providing feedback on that for months. Also, they shouldn't really be offering these mats - these are the mats that people drop from dungeons, that they should be encouraging people to run. Talents are the things that drop is unusable amounts from ONLY low-tier, while the mats they are offering for the event span ALL the dungeons. By offering it here, it is reducing the already low motivation to run dungeons.
  • BabbelsimBabbelsim ✭✭✭
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    im soooooooo pissed was looking forward to the event for a while cause i loved it so much last year, this is just stupit! :angry:

    also the medallion shop in the Balder area does not even have the loot box only the beach questline
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Definitely not the best shop.

    After checking out the token shops, both of them, i think the playerbase would be happier with something like this (reminder this might be a repeat of something i posted in other thread):

    Claret Medallion

    Food Tab: Leave as it is

    Extras: Sandy summer loot box price should be changed to 20 or 30 tokens. 150 is out of question and it feels like you are trying to force us to do farming instead of having fun. Getting the box should not be a chore, it should be something extra that you can get for participating in the events.

    Temple Medallion

    Materials: Insulting to say the least. Replace everything in this tab with Metamorphic Tokens (players would happily buy a bundle of maybe 500 tokens for 10 tokens) and add Golden and Silver Talents maybe (this would somehow help with the current situation with talents, and make players participate of the events) Maybe add gem boxes too since we need those for enchanting too.

    Extras: No one buys noctenium infusers from the VG shop. I suggest replacing those 2 with Superior Noctenium Elixir, and increase the price to 5 tokens per.
    Strong potions, mehh, i would suggest to reduce the cost to 1, but i guess is fine like this.
    Root beer? We can already get massive amounts of those through the Bamarama boxes. You can still buy those boxes from the Bamarama NPCs the moment it starts. But i suppose is still OK, considering you still gotta deal with rng to get it, would not recommend to buy those.
    Would add instead, shape changers. those are funny items to have, considering you can literally bend the game logic of physics with the right combination of em :)
    And maybe like last year, Add Fashion Coupon Loot Boxes too.

    I do hope EME can take this feedback and change the shops for the sake of not upsetting the community anymore.
  • it has to be an error. this is too ridiculous to be true
  • 150 is a jocke... then u need luck to open it and dont "win" a accessory

    need to spacecat back !!!
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    Galiers wrote: »
    150 is a jocke... then u need luck to open it and dont "win" a accessory

    need to spacecat back !!!

    We shouldn't focus on who is in charge right now. I do not like to complain, but even i did not liked the event shop, and i most of the times just roll with it, but i gotta agree i was also looking forward to some free swimsuits and other cool stuff.

    This isn't about bringing back Spacecats, or Tonka, or Minea, etc. IS about the current staff in charge, to take the feedback from the players, and actually put it to use and show it. @KitTeaCup is new, on top of it, our new CM, so instead of lashing at her like many are already doing, I encourage you:

    @KitTeaCup Listen to this community. If you are the new CM, and on top of it, a new player to TERA, then you should know by now, that the community knows best when it comes to stuff in token shops and other things, because we are the ones who play this game daily.

    For the sake of keeping it constructive, I ask you to please, revise the Token shops of the events, and act upon the feedback the players give you. It doesn't have to contain everything the players ask you, but with some changes here and there, it can become a better shop that will encourage players to participate of the events. Former CM Spacecats realized this late, but at least acted upon feedback later on, and when the token shop of an event totally sucked (cannot remember which event) Spacecats went ahead and changed it the next few days.

    We all want to have fun with the festivities, but is no fun if is not rewarding.

    PS: Forgot to add that the Temple Medallions need to have the Sandy Loot Box too.
  • RakdenRakden ✭✭
    Based on price of materials from Temple Medallion shop, I wouldn't be suprised if both Beach and Balder's quests were meant to give 5x or 10x more tokens (like, come on, one quest is... 2? 4? Temple medallions, while Refining Elixir costs 3). This would also explain why you need few days of grinding for one lootbox (or many, many chars at once).

    I guess I will personally save up these Medallions just in case it was some nasty bug after all.
  • Seriously enmasse...you guys are missing the point...

    Events were meant to be FUN...most ppl don't care ONE BIT for consumables or stuff to enchant equipment...by the way,these events should be something to make us FORGET the fact that we have to spend tons of gems and mats and money trying to enchant weapons and armor, only fo fail more times than we can succeed...

    If i go to a tera event, i don't want to spend any reward i can get buying consumables...i want lootboxes...MOST PEOPLE want lootboxes...MOST PEOPLE want to try their luck and win costumes...it's the whole point of going to these events...not to spend a lot of time and effort to gather tokens for buying consumables...we already have tons of emblems for that...

    you guys charged 150 for ONE lootbox...that's so lame that i can only laugh...and only the beach tokens give the option to buy it...so basically,the ones we get at the festival of the sun are mostly useless...way to go enmasse...that's another messed up event you guys did...

    since it's the 1st day, maybe you guys can see this thread, get your stuff together and fix this whole failure of an event before everyone loses interest...

    Please, fix the lootboxes' cost like it was in last year's event and lets us use the temple tokens to buy them too...otherwise, you guys should give up...bring back the ppl who managed the events in the past...some of them surelly knew what they were doing...

    enough of butchering the events, please...
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