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    Hi @KitTeaCup

    yeah, I'm still having the issue of you not giving us any information regarding your implementation of xigncode. So I still have the game uninstalled. But don't worry, it's been so long by now and will probably be so much longer still until EME staff stops pretending to be in extended winter sleep regarding certain very specific issues, I've given up hope by now and moved on to other games. Good luck though with your remaining player base.
  • Hi good news everyone!

    The troubleshooting FAQ is up check it out here http://support.enmasse.com/tera/troubleshooting-tips-for-xigncode3#Bypass your router

    @buffons here it is :)
  • lol, im loving how they introduce a dangerous backdoor rootkit... and then on top of that are telling people now to bypass their router and expose their PCs directly to the internet.

    May as well get fully compromised i guess, that XIGNCODE wasn't dangerous enough, lets open up all the ports on our pcs and let them all in! Guys we should email our IP addresses to china and let them know we aren't using firewalls anymore.

    That FAQ advice is game of the year material.
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    im laughing so hard right now...
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    And this xigncode i doubt is to prevent cheaters. Im sure theres an under line to it. This game profits among one thing that is obvious which is EMP. If they can isolate where people search/go on there pc and create ads to promote EMP well... You do the math.

    You ever notice when you go to amazon or ebay and you search a specific item. The next few days on other websites you'll see ad's on the sides or w/e that are selling that item you searched... Its the same principal.

    FWIW, XIGNCODE doesn't do that. There are other programs that do, of course.
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    TL59C44K5K wrote: »
    It logs what you do... It affects other games. sooo i'd like to see your proof or logic on what xign code obvisually does do.... [...] Seriously who wants something that moniters what they do or have outside the client.... Theres a reason this xigncode is federally banned in some countries/continents

    This has been discussed so many times ad nauseum over these 31 pages (and the long thread that preceded it) so going over it again isn't going to change your beliefs at this point. I don't think anyone "wants" it at all, but that doesn't mean it does what you're saying. And, FWIW, though, it's not "federally banned" in any country. (If you were trying to insinuate something about GDPR and EU, it's not banned there at all.)

    TL59C44K5K wrote: »
    Who ever is controlling the community or trying to is micro managing it....

    I'm honestly not sure what you mean by "micro managing." (I'm honestly not sure how much I could call this community "managed," let alone micro-managed...)
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    Micro-managed is managing a company that actually the lower's are managing for you. Aka players. Providing merchandise while sitting on the sidelines and letting the players increase your profit.

    To be perfectly honest, this is actually the complete opposite of what "micro-managing" usually means when you hear the term. Usually micro-managing means a manager who is very controlling of their employees and basically injects themselves into every decision their subordinates make, overriding the employee's autonomy and decision-making, which suggests a lack of trust. What you're talking about is more like... I'm not sure, "laissez faire" management? Disengaged management? That said, I'm not too sure how that connects exactly with the XIGNCODE situation either, as this may well have been a decision passed down from on-high. Anyway, a bit of a side-topic, I guess.
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    TL59C44K5K wrote: »
    Could we also get a list of things that XIGNCODE interferes with, including but not limited to:

    - key rebinders
    - anti-virus
    - other games being open at the same time

    This would help us give our point to them succinctly and directly.

    Please provide video evidence or screenshots if possible!

    Like to see you try to run League of legends the same time..... Good luck on that. Your crashes from league of legends multiply s with great significance


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    how to spot a weeb

    And the one who knows what those are to point them out. :p
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