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New Gear System, New Guild System and Why I Haven't Made A Lot of TERA Content.


  • DatGeekDatGeek ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    You're not 100% correct here.

    Enmasse = Bluehole, or rather, a subsidiary of Bluehole Studio inc. Enmasse formerly known as Bluehole Interactive.

    The way it works is different from the dev studios that use 3rd party publishers.

    Enmasse has a lot more saying in matters concerning the game than they would've had, had they been a 3rd party publisher with no connection to the developer studio.

    Whiteknights on this forum are bashing people just for giving negative criticism and that's wrong. If they keep drowning out the negative criticism that highlights issues with the game, nothing will be done about these issues, and that is a fact.

    What they're doing wrong is constantly adding cash shop stuff to the game. The game itself needs a lot of fixes before they should even focus on milking their customers.

    This in turn works more as a deterent than an incentive to play. People don't like buggy games in general.

    Bugs may also not affect everyone the same. Some see bugs and other issues less frequent than others. I myself can't even play the game anymore because of the frequent crashes, frequent dashboarding and massive FPS spikes, even on the X1X.

    They are however using the worst possible engine for mmorpgs. Unreal Engine 3. That particular engine has been a hot topic on the internet for many years now for being unoptimized and a nightmare to work with and with a horrible netcode.

    While we're on the subject of UE3: I still find it odd that Bluehole would want to use the same engine that got TERA into so much crap for their next mmorpg A:IR.

    There's only so much they can do with UE3 for TERA in terms of optimizations. The PC version is still not optimized. I'm on a very beefy rig myself and i get fps drops into the single digits in Velika or other major cities/hubs.

    They should really consider upgrading to UE4 like NCSOFT are working on right now for Blade & Soul, which will also come out on consoles as soon as they've finished moving the game to UE4.

    While some of the hate towards EME can be the result of frustration for many, me included, our negative criticism at its core is not unjustified. There are a lot of issues with the game, and everybody needs to make sure BHS knows about it. Sadly though, the only place for us to tell them is through EME as BHS is impossible to contact directly.

    Them being a subsidiary of BHS should in theory and practice make it easier and faster for them to relay that information to BSH and make sure it gets top priority. BHS does have a dedicated team for TERA Console from what i've read, so it shouldn't be too hard to get the information passed along to them.
  • @DatGeek

    I never denied the fact that En Masse is a subsidiary of Bluehole, and in fact the name of the company prior to En Masse was Bluehole Interactive. However, En Masse does not have much control over the content we get, and if you're on the official Discord, we've seen GMs and Community Managers continuously tell us that Bluehole are the ones that schedule out the content, bring in patches and fixes for bugs, etc. En Masse just publishes the game in the West - while having pretty minimal control over development.



    I also don't disagree that they have influence over the game, as they are the Publishers - to think otherwise is a little silly. I 100% support everyone's right to disagree with the game, and want more out of their game, especially if they spent money on it. It's well within everyone's rights to speak out and demand that we have a quality product. However, there's a difference between sending in Support Tickets and speaking with a clear mind as to what would better the game over a player going on Discord or Facebook Pages / Groups yelling "I HATE THIS GAME, THE GAME IS #(@", adding quite literally nothing but negativity.

    It's the same for my own content. I love feedback, positive or negative feedback, as long as it's constructive and will allow me to grow. The same thing can be said for this game and its Publisher, Developer and Content. Constructive Criticism is perfect, but very few actually good through with it, without slandering and entire group of players, the game, the companies or whatever the case.

    As for Unreal Engine 3 - I could not agree more.
  • DatGeekDatGeek ✭✭✭
    I never said they control anything. It's a fact that EME has an easier way of getting stuff done compared to 3rd party publishers. That's how it works for most subsidiaries out there with a developer parent company.

    If people are swearing then yeah that's not the way to go about it, but negative criticism should always be looked at regardless. Some are just people venting frustration over issues with the game and want the developers to fix it just like any other poster frustrated with the game's issues.

    You speak about everyone's right to speak out, well, i was shut down on their Discord for asking a simple question.

    I've seen threads being deleted or drowned by white knights.

    White knighting hurts the game more than any non-constructive poster can ever do.

    That's the problem here with this game. Too many white knights.

    He mentioned in that picture you posted from their Discord server that he's hoping they'll fix the issues, well i'm sorry to say that having seen how they've handled the PC version, i'm not keeping my hopes up for the console version.

    It's been a while now since any actual patch was released to fix stuff, and last time they released a patch for fixing issues, it didn't fix anything and certainly didn't improve anything. The time where they could get away with "The game just released" is long gone now.

    I'm saying that after playing on both Xbox One and Xbox One X as well as trying the game out on the PS4 Pro at my brother's house.

    The game has the exact same issues on all of them. Random and frequent crashes. Frequent dashboarding, FPS drops and spikes, can't use the home button to check messages without the game freezing for several seconds when you go back in, UI elements being delayed when using the menus or trade broker, talking to quest NPCs or other NPCs.

    This has been reported time and time again by thousands of players since the beta, so one really has to wonder what the hell they are doing with the feedback they've been gathering since the beta.

    As i said earlier, they should just port the game onto the UE4 engine and the latest UE4 version.

    As for what could better the game. Well, i think the answer to that is quite self explanatory. They need to fix their [filtered].

    Mark my words.. Once Blade & Soul releases using the UE4 engine on the consoles, the majority will play that game instead because that game is already optimized well enough on the PC. That's what happened with TERA PC as well. As soon as Blade & Soul released, my friends who played the PC version of TERA went to that game instead. That's what happens when developers never listens to any feedback and continues releasing nothing but cash shop content instead of fixing stuff.

    As for EME telling them about the issues with TERA console, well, they might just be the worst employers ever. I know work ethics is horrible in South Korea and that people over there generally hate negative feedback. They're always right, never make mistakes and if they make a mistake it's never their fault, and they hate communicating with outside sources aka the community, especially their western playerbase. That's the general asian developer's attitude. Seen that in plenty of their mmorpgs over the years.
  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    You are very, very, very wrong. EME has a lot less freedom than 3rd party publishers do. The EU publisher, gameforge, changes up a lot of stuff ingame, better cash shop, more consumables, custom dungeons and events and event servers.
    EME can't do any of that. For every single small decision they have to ask for BHS' permission and more often than not, BHS doesn't care. All bhs cares about is their korean audience.

    They're essentially chained up bhs, awaiting for their permission for every single thing. It's really frustrating for us PC players, because we're forced to watch other regions flourish while EME takes ages to decide on anything.
  • A:IR utilizes UE3 (a newer build compared to the much older one that TERA utilizes) mainly because of the timeline that its design started from; primarily around 2014ish. The majority of Korean MMO experience when it came to the use of 3rd party engines was unfortunately with UE3 during that timeframe. A lot of designers/coders cut their teeth at NCSoft; when they moved to other companies, they used tools and production pipelines which they had the most experience with and that ended up being UE3. At least NCSoft is now pushing towards UE4 with their games like the re-branded Lineage Eternal (Project TL) and upgrading B&S' engine to UE4. However, Korean venture capital and investment in PC MMO's dried up back in the 2014 timeframe as well (shifted to mobile) so it's not like we're going to see that same huge wave of Korean MMO exports that happened in the early half of the decade.

    As far as non-Korean based subsidiaries having a lot of say, that is usually NOT the case. There is still a significant racial bias that exists where the subsidiaries (outside of Korea) usually have either a native Korean manager/executive overseeing the operations OR in those cases like say EME, Webzen, or Neowiz (as a few examples) where the top people at those non-Korean based offices aren't native Korean's, the only control they have is the business operations side (server operations, customer support, cash shop operations in terms of transaction processing and changes that they've been allowed to perform). Opportunities for advancement at these companies (NCSoft West maybe less so but still difficult for non-native Koreans to get into actual management roles where they have a huge say) into actual design is pretty lousy as well. Smilegate West (they publish CrossFire for NA under the Z8games title) in Toronto has primarily Korean management and the satisfaction level there isn't high due to these issues.

    On a slight tangent, PUBG Corp (formerly Bluehole Ginno and before the Bluehole acquisition, Ginno Games) had to take a different route because internally, they didn't have the expertise with that type of game. Ginno's only IP before PUBG was Devilian (RIP) and they weren't having a lot of success with it (Trion Worlds overpromised on making it globally successful) which is why they ended up talking to Greene (PlayerUnknown) about his battle royale concept. They weren't even expecting this project to be successful in early access but when it was, Bluehole ended up tripping over themselves. They initially tried to merge Bluehole Ginno into Bluehole but overturned that last July. They then renamed Bluehole Ginno to PUBG Corp around September, replaced the original founder and CEO of Ginno (Won-Hee Park) with Chang Han Kim who was the co-founder and CTO of GInno, and executive producer of Devilian. The reason I needed to point this out is that this structuring allows this subsidiary to be agile in their decision making independent of parent Bluehole (so they were able to hire a lot of European designers and coders while also opening more offices in other regions where the game is popular). This particular subsidiary is an exception to the norm though because it made Bluehole a crapton of money and bonuses for those people who worked on the game.

    Digressing back to the prior paragraph, when it comes to those subsidiaries input on game design and development AND having a huge say in those matters, the norm is on the lower end of the spectrum. To put it more simply, these folks are at the mercy of their South Korean based overlords. This is why there is this disconnect because for the most part, these MMO's were brought over as an added revenue source (added return on the original investment in that game design and production of assets) and never really designed with those markets in mind.
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