What happened to my "E" Vanguard Request

I had tried completing the request earlier in the week and was unable to. So when I jumped on today to go back to it. The request was gone. I have the "G", "U", "N" and "N", but have no request for the "E" and "R". Was there a cut off date? And if so, why was it not stated in the announcement?


  • xmixxmix ✭✭
    R is liliths keep E is iod bams
  • You can get letter E from level 65, level 67 and level 69 bams now.
    The letter R can be obtained only from lilith's keep normal and hard mode and you also get another letter N.
  • Gotcha, thanks
  • @xmix and @FinalFantasy7 I was finally able to obtain the "E". But I had to cycle through the Brutal BAMs Vanguard Requests until I received the Brutal Basilisks request. Once completing that one I was able obtain the letter. Thanks for the help.
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