[PS4/XB1] Maintenance is now complete!




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    That's your problem ^
    Writing it here wont help you and wont change fact that it was implemented.
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    rip this thread. ty misty lad, cute paladin :s
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    I tried :( it's true though. I get access violation by XIGNCODE incompatible drivers conflicting with my kernel drivers during the scan. It happened so many times, why put up with it again?Please keep my characters eme/bhs! Some day. I feel like a tossed puppy on the road, because I don't know what's being done to fix these issues? I have an ASUS and this video is not mine. Just shows the experience of XIGNCODE being intrusive.

    Nothing is "being done to fix these issues" by you posting about it here. All you can do is try sending a ticket with your diag and XIGNCODE log info.
    Can we still dual account for crafting and other stuff? I remember seeing something about xingcode not allowing dual account.

    It would be silly to get red flagged for something so simple that we did ever since nexus days some four years ago or more..
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    MistyTera eme already ended this talk. There is no "we" and no "tries to solve it". Try to understand that you just making air tremple and nothing more. And doing it long time almost alone here as I see. They already implemented it and trying to make it done to the end. I doubt you understand that there s literally no one of eme reads your arguments and digs this thread in order to understand- did they right or not?it was done already. This and their quite indifferent responses show well that they don't care of your storm here and strongly think that they are right.
    You can post your issues here but its not a thread for personal issues. There is support on the site and there people solve their troubles. Every week community trying to get response about things that bother many players and yet we fail because eme doesn't care of community. You believe you will be successful?don't be so naive.
    Pls don't act like we all here center of eme's universe.
    I disagree with implementing this crap as I lost my friends but I also against such strong pushing of your view of things here as this thread stopped being constructive very long time ago. This was a good thread and it drowned in caps lock, posts without straight arguments and saint wrath of all who thinks that their opinion has some value to eme.
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