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Arena entries weekly cap?

Is there a hidden cap on weekly arena entries? I had figured out it was 2 entries per day, but it's not allowing me to enter at all today, saying I've exceeded the maximum entries. Would be nice if caps like this were actually visible.


  • That's odd, must have been a bug. It just let me in, not 30 minutes after it was telling me I had exceeded the daily limit.
  • Instance reset is at 1am. Based on your time stamp, you just hit it. Elite stuff resets at 8pm est. Vanguards reset at 3am est.
  • Wow, I didn't realize there were so many different reset times. What a mess. Thanks.
  • Dungeon entries reset every day at 12 am CST, vanguard dailies reset at 2 am CST, and elite dailies reset at 7 pm CST,
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