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Ingame Achievs/Feats Issues (Updated 19.09)

edited September 2018 in Console - Bug Reports
Here's a list of ingame achievs/feats issues I found in the PS4 version so far:

Unobtainable feats:

1) Early Release Program (Complete quest "help") - not directly bugged, but it belongs to a bugged quest inside demokron factory you can't complete, because you can't speak to the Randun NPC in the hidden room

2) No Strings Attached (Defeated Kaprima without getting hit by Leash) - bugged, doesn't unlock, is listed in wrong category and gives no points

3) It All Depends (Find syona's pendant in echoes of aranea) - Only bugged in german version, since you can't complete the dialogue with the burgler in that version

Obsolete feats:

1) One fish, Two Fish (Find fishes in timescrape) - Belongs to an old dungeon, which isn't in the game

2) Crop-Dusted (Defeat Koleogg without getting hit by Beetle Dust) - Belongs to an old dungeon, which isn't in the game

Feat description issues:

1) Got your wings (Ride a flying mount) - It doesn't simply unlock when you ride a flying mount. For example I didn't get it with the item pass flying lion mount or the Tera shop llama flying mount. It is actually tied to a quest and unlocks upon completing the questline where you get your free flying horse mount (added at 26.06)

2) (Win kuma battleground 10 times in a row) - This description is wrong only in the german version! In the german version it says "10 times in a row", but you actually don't need to win in a row. Just winning 10 times will get you this feat.

And I know the feats under "Special" don't count towards your points and are not needed for future laurels, but I don't think the console version should even list the feats for championships 2012, 2013 and so on or all the other ones, we never had and no one can ever get.


  • LucyKosakiLucyKosaki ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    I added two more problematic feats to the list.

    Also, I noticed that the Secret Garden feat for defeating Sky Garden's hidden boss isn't shown in the list until you actually achieve the feat. Same with the feat you get for buying a founder pack. I'm not sure if this is intended or not.
  • Is intented i guess, there are many secret achievement that are not visible
  • There is no way to even achieve 100% of feats due to alot are not even in game anymore and have not been since PC launch. There are alot of event feats that can't be gotten anymore due to events don't even exist anymore. All they do is add more when needed and never remove old. Im stuck at 98% on pc and 90 on console due to this. But I knew prior to starting on console that all feats/chevs were not obtainable due to playing pc. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to fix this, since its not been fix on PC it definitely won't be fixed for console. You can tell by the rewards under feats which ones can not be obtained and not ingame anymore. For example it still shows mount rewards for the story line quest which is not even ingame anymore. All the nexus chevs are unobtainable, truthly I think they should worry more about optimizing this game way before feats. But not going to happen
  • I've proceeded to file a bug report for everything that is listed above.
  • LucyKosakiLucyKosaki ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    I moved the "Got your wings (Ride a flying mount)" feat from "unobtainable" to "file decription issue". Because actually it is tied to a quest and unlocks upon completing the recently added new questline where you get your free flying horse mount. It doesn't simply unlock when you ride a flying mount, like the description states.

    freonwolf wrote: »
    There are alot of event feats that can't be gotten anymore due to events don't even exist anymore.
    All the nexus chevs are unobtainable

    I'm not up to date on PC (played it around 2 years ago) and that was when they freshly introduced the new nexus in the last area of val oriyn. These are the feats, that are actively shown on console at the moment. All the feats for the old original nexus are in the legacy category, which isn't needed for laurels anyways. Did they remove the new nexus too in the meantime on PC?
    And as far as I can see, most of the events, including all old ones, are in the legacy section aswell. Only feats for very few events are listed in the event section. Did they somehow replaced these on PC?

    I'm just hoping for a clean feat update for when they are going to implement the laurels.

  • Wouldn't call dreamstorm the new nexus they were not even close imo. But it caused as much lag as nexus and didn't last long either before being removed. I really hope they do get it cleared up because it gives the player something to do besides grinding mats. This game has so much potential if they would just take the time and listen to the community.
  • LucyKosakiLucyKosaki ✭✭
    edited August 2018
    Updated the list.

    The Randun quest is still bugged, although the patchnotes say that it should be fixed by now.

    Also, now that we got the first feat cycle, the two instance matchmaking feats are quite important if you are aiming for the champion laurel. I hope these two get a higher priority for fixing.

    And I noticed a text issue only in the german version with a kuma battleground feat.
  • LucyKosakiLucyKosaki ✭✭
    edited September 2018
    I put "Instance Success" and "Instance Gratification" off the list as they were fixed two weeks ago. Thank you, Enmasse & Bluehole, these achevs were important ones.
  • I'll add some more to the list.
    Special > Reputation
    Agnitor, Agnitor Adored, My Credit Is Good, Absolute Agnitor, and Reputation Is Everything.
    It's currently impossible to gain Agnitor Credits/Reputation.

    Special > Prestige
    All My Life (Over-Achiever Yellow Title) Without the ability to complete Reputation Is Everything, we can't get this feat complete.
  • Adding more.
    Dungeons and battlegrounds
    All Kumas, and Kumasylum feats are no longer obtainable, should be moved to "Special" Tab.
    Additionally, with CS not popping due to lack of BG incentive/population, they can be moved to Legacy/Special as well. Currently for Season 2 console it's impossible to reach Champion Laurel without having over half of the Corsiar's Stronghold feats completed.
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