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New Celestial/ Diabolic Wings should get flying skills

The moment I saw these wings I thought they would have flying skills, much like the Mechanical Flight Suit.

I understand it would need more animation work than the Mechanical Flight suit, but those wings certainly look big enough to be able to let your character fly right? I already payed the 5k EMP for this and I love every single bit of the wings, though I would also love if I could fly using them instead of using a mount which kind of makes my wings feel useless.

Would also want to know what everyone else here would think about this! Happy summer festival..ing


  • i guess that make this more like.. aion online...
  • RKCRKC ✭✭✭
    LOL these things are more expensive than the flight suits and they cant fly.
  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks so much for this feedback! We've relayed it to Bluehole and they're taking it into consideration for costume wings moving forward.

    As for changing the current costume, unfortunately that's not going to be possible.

    Again - really appreciate your feedback!!!
  • miskaymiskay ✭✭
    This means will never get any response from them,western side gets leftovers, and EME can't do anything about it.
  • Thank you @KitTeaCup
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