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Elite Renewal--Failed?

Anyone else out there having an issue with EME failing to renew their elite subscription? EME is claiming that paypal is declining their request for payment, but Paypal asserts that there have been no such requests from EME and no declined payments from my account. Can anyone shed any light on this matter?


  • I had this exact problem whit my credit card 2 years i was elite and it renew no problem then sudenly this start to happen and it did not renew automatic had to every month sub again to elite. now i just buy elite from broker as it too much of an hassle to sub every month again.
  • I would check to see if the Billing Agreement with PayPal might have expired. In which case, you might have to trigger the subscription process again. I've seen cases with other services where you had to renew the PayPal Billing Agreement every few years. (You can check in PayPal, under Settings -> Payments -> Preapproved Payments)
  • The reason for my question was to see if the problem was widespread, or a one-off issue only affecting me. Just proves how much Murphy hates me.

    Thanks for the feedback, but I checked all that with Paypal before I submitted the ticket. Authorization was in place, ccard was not expired, etc. In one of the responses to my ticket, the EME rep said that, after a lot of digging to turn up this piece of info, he/she had found that the payment request had been "declined" by Paypal. Back to Paypal I went, and THEY asserted that, not only had they not "declined" the payment request, they had no record of the payment request ever existing. This suggests that EME either failed to submit the payment request (which could have been the fault of their computer accounting/payables package, given their affinity for poorly written software) or it was submitted with faulty data that Paypal could not resolve to my account. Kinda hoping it was the latter, since if the payment request had never been made, they would have been lying to me about receiving the notice that the payment request was declined.

    The game has been going downhill for a while now, and the last patch may have put a pin in it for me. Add this snafu to that, and that breaking sound you hear may be the result of one too many straws. Have been playing since release, and the longest break I have taken was a week-long trip with zero connectivity. If I go, don't think I will miss the game, but I will miss the people I have played with.
  • Ves1978Ves1978 ✭✭✭✭
    EME gave you the second chance to save your money, grab it while you can :D
  • RKCRKC ✭✭✭
    Yah I suggest not paying for elite for a while. Game is just going downhill right now.
  • I won't be paying for Elite again. And I won't play without Elite.
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