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-_- why are bams so OP



  • I agree with you. BANs are indeed hard to kill and strong. However, they were designed to be like this. Just to you know, they were very stronger before. Because of that, many old players will say they are weak now and they are not completely wrong, because they are weaker than before.
  • easy only UNISTALL TERA pls
  • CatatonicCatatonic ✭✭✭
    Wait did they make BAMs hard again?
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2016
    Catatonic wrote: »
    Wait did they make BAMs hard again?

    Nah. I'd WISH they were. I'd have something meaningful to aim for again. Only worthy fights nowadays are trying the Zulfikar Fortress bams at level 58-59. And they are still quite easy compared to old tera.
  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    You just need more experience with each class along with understand the attacks of each BAM. Ninja has the ability to evade these attacks fairly easily and depending on the BAM and RNG you'll be able to stay at their back the entire time. In the case of Brawler, you get to block while dealing damage if you use the glyph on Roundhouse Kick to do so along with some cdr and the cdr on chest for the ability, and the reset on Piledriver.
  • CezzareCezzare ✭✭✭
    I think IoD BAMs are reasonably "balanced" for a "solo" monster -even if originally BAMs were for parties- keeping in mind the current gear's stats, the problem is in the older classes' balance.

    These BAMs seem to be built parting from the current state of low-level BAMs, cause if they were balanced around the older unnerfed BAMs I'm sure even brawlers will take long to complete the IoD quests. Anyways, while high-tier monsters in the zone have increased combat stats, in general players have an advantage: they're all recycled BAMs, the only attack I don't remember seeing before in other open world BAMs is the bombardment from brutal naga battlemasters -which is the same as Kalivan's lightning storm-, any player who bothered to fight BAMs while leveling -and I mean paying attention, not just facetanking until they die- can read the monster's animations... just pay a little attention, guys.
  • It's okay, little Ninja. When you git gud at your class, you'll be smoothly melting BAMs like this:
  • JBGamingJBGaming ✭✭✭
    Ninja's are hit and run dps units. They are not tanks. They make good crown control as well. But they are not tanks and do not have blocks line lancers, zerks or warriors.
  • CezzareCezzare ✭✭✭
    Ninja's are hit and run dps units. They are not tanks. They make good crown control as well. But they are not tanks and do not have blocks line lancers, zerks or warriors.

    In exchange they're incredibly mobile, only warriors and reapers can keep their back crit uptime like that, the thing is they have a damage output higher than those two. Of course, ninjas are a cloth class, they lose HP quickly if you get hit too often, and anyone can make a mistake, that's okay, many poeple here simply need to keep practicing, that's all.
  • BAMs really aren't that bad. As people have pointed out, ninja is cloth and that means you're squishy. Just have to keep moving and try to not get hit so often. Most importantly though is gear (I know most people say skill > gear, and for the most part that's right, but if you lack the skill to be able to dodge stuff 100% of the time, you definitely need decent gear to fall back on). If you're dying in 3 hits, you're almost certainly undergeared for the BAMs that you're fighting. My main is archer and it's definitely squishier than some classes, but better gear makes a HUGE difference for survivability. You never mentioned what level you are or what gear you're wearing or what kind of BAMs you're fighting; if you're still leveling and trying to fight BAMs at your own level in lower level gear, that is a problem. If you're 65 and fighting BAMs on IoD, you should ideally have at LEAST +12 dreadnaught gear (idoneal or schisma might be good enough for some of the easier BAMs, but just barely). I say this for a cloth class, at least. If you're brawler, you can probably faceroll BAMs even in idoneal. Big difference between cloth and metal.
  • TheRealKingCrazyTheRealKingCrazy ✭✭✭
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    Story time!

    I once attempted to take down a level 33 basilisk (BAM) with my level 33 archer (who back then was my main) in level 24 armor and with my level 26 avatar weapon. I was trying to get the relic pieces. Well, I failed. Twice.

    I cried out for help, and a very helpful lad came in and helped me dispatch the dude. He then told me "Git better gear" and traded me 1000 gold, which is more than I ever had at one point (at the time). He told me to go to the broker and buy better armor.

    So I bought some good armor, and when I came back 2 hours later, I was literally unstoppable. After acquiring my level 32 avatar weapon, I was making them die in droves.

    Suggestion: Get current armor. BAMs are easy, but running into battle undergeared is like running into battle without a weapon.
  • The only time I die doing BAMs with my ninja is if I'm hit with a bleed and then hit by knockdown spam *cough cough* HYDRAS...

    Or if I'm hit with a bleed with low health.

    Otherwise the only thing I think is OP about BAMs is their ability to make me dodge out of the way and wait 30 seconds for them to stop spamming their charge so I can actually get back to DPSing.

    On another note, learning the attack animations of each BAM will allow you to dodge out of the way long before they can hit you with any ability.
  • Dydric wrote: »
    -_- really 3 hits to my ninja I'm dead not 2 much def with my tank.. I call for a BaM nerf -_-

    BAMs were nerfed to the ground years ago. Now they only live about 10-20 secs longer than a normal mob.
    Enmasse wanted to make it easier for priests and mystics to solo them.

    You got hit 3 times?? How many dodge skills does a ninja have, and you got hit 3 times.

  • Otorinth wrote: »
    It's okay, little Ninja. When you git gud at your class, you'll be smoothly melting BAMs like this:

    after having brawler, gunner, ninja, reaper, zerk. now playing new char for lancer. quite fun actually. remind me of monster hunter lance and gunlance
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    When I first started to get serious about getting good, everyone would say "learn your class" and "play better".

    Great. So I read all my skills carefully, practiced a few rotations I made up myself that made sense at the time. (Practiced sequences work better for people with cruddy twitch responses). Watched Bamarama and youtube videos of dungeons to learn boss and BAM moves and thought I was getting pretty good.

    Then I tried DFNM for the first time. Yeah. I'm a trap. I wish I had written down everyone's name so I could personally apologize to every single member of that raid.

    My point is that if BAMs are too hard, you have missed something about your class. (Although they are meant to be hard, originally you weren't supposed to go after them with less than three people) And you are going to HATE upper level dungeons. I recommend spending some time with the following guide:


    Practice the combinations, especially the i-frame and movement combinations. (Immunity frame, a move that exempts you from damage--putting this here for others reading this who might not yet know) Learn the timing of i-framing--very hard (at least for me) but absolutely essential. The BAMs will still be very challenging, and I'm not saying you won't take a hit even when you get really good--but maybe you won't cause a total party wipe when you get to the first real dungeon.

    I still feel bad about that.
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