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No elite discount items in the tera store

They have all been removed, why?


  • tisnotmetisnotme ✭✭✭✭
    probably the same reason theres no more codes or unbroken in game events any more
    apparently the player base gets too much in game already
    and theres probably too little in store now to be able to justify any elite discounts

    cant you feel the fun we all asked for*
  • And the same swimwear on the "daily" deals for a whole week. I mean if they're gonna be greedy the least they can do is put out a small effort. But I'm sure they're all just phoning it in n have been for awhile.
  • edited July 2018
    My guess is that probably the Elite discount was programmed to be time-limited and the time ran-out, so they probably have to add the discount again. At least all the Account Items should still be on there if nothing else.
  • They are prolly all on vacation and a money is running Tera atm
  • CobaltDragonCobaltDragon admin
    edited July 2018
    I believe this is due to the fact that the current Innerarmor loot boxes are discounted for everyone right now, and there can only be one type of discount on a purchase at one time (The Elite price on them was set at 15% discount, but the current Sale provides a 30% discounted price).

    The discounts on items in the Account Services section may have just been an oversight, so I'll request that be reviewed and have the appropriate discounts added.

    Also, there will be a new set of Innerarmor being added on Thursday, which will have an included Elite Discounted price.
    edited July 2018
    so in an online world if anything is possible you guys still cant do everything. lol
    we should be dealing with blue hole directly.

    the issues that playrs spot should be spotted by the eme staff. lets be honest.
    elite prices in game have been inflated so much, that you guys should be worried and do something about it.
    put elite 30-90 days on sale.asap
  • More items have now had an Elite Discount applied to them.
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