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[AV] portraits ★

helloo~! since I have more free time currently, i’m reopening this shop in the meantime. <3

only offering headshot portraits at the moment.

★ payments ★
60k gold per portrait
70 emeralds for two portraits
wishlist, which can be found below

★ samples ★ some images might be overly huge sorry

new works:

old works and chibis:

★ form ★
IGN (the character in-game that you will be paying with):
Payment (gold, emeralds, wishlist):
Where can I contact you for WIPs and inquiries? (if possible):
Paying after sketch or beforehand?:
References & Photos (please spam me with all the refs, the more the better!):
Emotion (leave blank if you want me to choose):
Additional Notes!:
sorry if it’s a bit lengthy!

★ info ★
- i can do male/female, elin/castanic/high elf/human
- sorry, no poporis/barakas/amans T^T
- pricing is based per character.
- please message me if you want more than one character in a single portrait. i may be limited to certain poses.
- payment can be made after approval of sketch or beforehand is fine.
- portraits usually take me up to 4-5 hours. commissions can take up to a week, depending on my free time.
- currently not taking elites as payment, i’m sorry! :c
- please allow artistic freedom, as my styles may change from time to time. (but pose references and stuff are a-ok :3)

★ wishlist ★ some are equivalent to more than 1 portrait!
castanica demons smart box/castanic male
jeans and jacket smart box/elin
starglow weapon box/lance

x70 emeralds = two portraits

★ contact info!★
discord: sandy#0137
ign: Vahlo/Sebu on Ascension Valley
or you can contact me on the forums if you'd like.
discord is preferred!

thank you for your interest!! <3


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