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Lancer vs brawler clear times



  • How can you be offended? For a game character class? I hope you are being sarcastic.
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    dmaxcustom wrote: »
    How can you be offended? For a game character class? I hope you are being sarcastic.

    They're implying that their lack of inclusion is insulting, similar to how, for a while, nobody cared for priests for a good bit irrespective of that priest's playing ability. Warr-tanks were always considered "second class" (except around the Go Berserk! patch) and let's not get into the common perception of zerk-tanks right now.

    That said, considering the last sentence, maybe they were joshing the rest of us, if only a little. :P
  • I don’t understand why people don’t like to tank. I hardly ever have trouble tanking unless I’m new to the instance. In that case a guide from essential mana is great.

    Tanking is much easier now than before when we could use multiple threat crystals and dps could use eclipse potions.

    Pretty sure we’re gonna get a flood of tanks once Elin brawler is released.

    The BIG DAMAGE is your reason
  • LapomkoLapomko ✭✭✭
    Lancer beat brawler even more these days thanks to a paid third party tool that ridiculously improve the DPS by inhumane folds.
    The choice is clear to have a lancer in your party unless he does low dps.
  • Saetto wrote: »
    As a warrior tank i feel offended by this kind of post or when ppl say warrior tanks are useless, when i have got someclasses get higher records with me than lancer. As warrior tank i can perfectly outdps a brawler or get the same amount of damage (and im talking about ethical brawlers no scripters and macro things), yes i know there are so many warrior that just turn D stance only because they cant find a tank, that kind of warriors give real main D stance players a bad image. Our endurance debuff may be 2% lower than lancer/brawler but a perma 11.6% attack speed compensate it, also its easier to chase the front so some classes with lower mobility dont need to waste their iframes just to reach boss's back. Plus! I have got some classes get higher dps records with warrior tank than with lancer.
    With all this said, thanks for reading. I'm Skum from MT, nice to meet you c:

    Agreed -- Warrior should be on everyone's list as a main tank option. Great DPS like a Brawler with support like a Lancer. The problem is higher skillcap, and people gearing for DPS rather than tanking and just throwing on D stance means they're riskier. I played Warrior tank back in the evasion tank days, and this is tempting me to revive it and help more people mark it on their list of top tank choices.
  • Warrior tank is the easiest tank to play on Rk-9.

    Gear grind on ventauron, just use death from above!

    Pizza cutter on hexaphelon just use death from above! Or backstab and block the rear push.

    Rk 9 is probably the easiest to tank on warrior. You can iframe triple fish rocket punch with death from above. Torrent of blows on s bomb. When I was first learning how to tank Rk-9 and wasn’t good enough to do it on my lancer, warrior was my first tank clear.

    The utility in terms of iframe and the damage you can soak up with torrent of blows and shadow is absolutely amazing. You can practically stay in place during most of the boss fight just by using death from above while other tanks have to dodge back.
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