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Not entirely sure if this is a bug or not but it seems like fraywind cannon and corsairs que are currently unable to pop. I sat in que for fraywind for over 3 hours on the correct day during peak playing hours. Has anyone else experienced this?


  • Since patch i didn't manage to do any coursair/canyon, i thought cause of the gunner but too many days passed
  • Yea same here .....
  • ~15min waiting time for jackpot battleground. remember the jackpot calendar is not accurate, in Europe the Thursday battleground starts in the evening 7 pm Thursday (Berlin)
  • oh and only in the peaktime (5pm-10pm)
  • Wait what? Can only do battle grounds at certain times? Because I waited in que for fraywind for almost 8 hours and never got a que?
  • Yes, never finding a group for canyon/corsair before 17.00 uk time on ps4 europe server......and of course never find any when dungeon event up
  • I have been getting matched a lot today I haven’t been tho o guess something got changed and or fixed. But the battle grounds itself is friggin horrible it’s just a cluster F of frame skipping. Not sure why it’s so bad. Never had that happen before. But now it’s insane. I used my brawler and did the divine wrath at the end of a match and the game just crashed lmao. Not to mention the 5 times it crashed in the round I had to log back in 6 times for that one round it’s not worth it. I’m on America servers. Tho so I guess the time would be different
  • They really need to optimize battle grounds better. It’s one of the only fun things I like to do in the game and I can’t even hardly play it.
  • I think only 1 match goes at a time or something always see the same people and never hear of people joining while 1 is going
  • Bump this post. BGs are either dead or bugged, leaning toward bugged as my guikd and some players on nyxxaras tried to force a qeue with 6 healers on each server qeueing and no pop.
  • Hey devs/gm need news.
  • I reported this feedback a little over a week ago, and we're having the Battleground Matching queue reviewed by the developer for any issues that may have occurred after a recent update, or check for ways to have the Battleground Matching queue be less restrictive, which would hopefully cause groups to form a lot faster.
  • KabzKabz Ps4 ✭✭
    Thanks so much @CobaltDragon , really hopes it starts working again!
  • "any issues that may have occurred " Ffs , be honest at least 1 time and admit it .20 days plus and not a single person was able to join a battleground, there is an issue . Just come clean about it . Don't you dare to use the same generic answer " try in a different time " we all know that it is bullcrap.
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