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New player, question about dungeons

So I've run 2 dungeons so far and I'm a little concerned, wondering if I'm doing something wrong here.
So I rolled a Lancer since I'm a main tank in FFXIV and figured I'd do the same here and...Am i suppose to just sit there and block everything? Because the healers don't seem to want to heal, like they're not suppose to or something.

I don't really have a huge grasp on how aggro works in this game yet but I'm pretty sure if I'm not hitting things, I'm going to lose it to one of the DPS


  • EleynnEleynn ✭✭
    I'm assuming you're still low level, which would mean that the healers you're running with are likely to be inexperienced and/or are lacking some important skills of their healing toolkit. They are supposed to heal you, partly cuz uh, it's their job, partly because yes, if you're just sitting there, blocking, you will lose aggro to the dps. That said, obviously you should block whenever possible, especially attacks that do high damage, so that you (and the rest of the party) don't overwhelm your healer completely.
  • AyataneAyatane Canada
    Well yeah, i was playing pretty conservatively but I guess the healer just didn't want to heal.
    Suddenly doesn't feel too different from FFXIV haha.
  • If I may glom on to this thread, I also have a newbie question about dungeons. I ran my first one last night, Bastion of Lok, and didn't know what the convention was for picking things up. There seemed to be stuff lying about, but I was reluctant to pick too much up because I didn't know if it was all mine or someone else's or if there's a roll, etc. Then, I saw that there is a roll, but I didn't know if someone set that up or if it was automated.

    I don't want to be the one to go into an instance and hoover up stuff that I shouldn't.
  • EleynnEleynn ✭✭
    The default loot settings roll the die automatically for every green and above item that you are eligible for, except for bind on pick-up items, which you have to roll/pass yourself. The default is also class loot, meaning you (or the automatic die) will only be able to roll for items that you can use, aka if you use metal gear, you can only receive metal armor pieces, etc. Pickups are all distributed among eligible party members unless the loot settings are changed. One exception is the relic pieces for the avatar weapons, as you can only pick up your own, so the pieces you see all glowing and everything are only your relics.
  • as someone who leveled every class to 65 and played trough early dungeons (either on eu or na) , all i can say is - lancer is the worst tank in early game, best in late game. that being said, dont expect to fully keep aggro/be able to survive a lot , until around 50lvl at least. there has been a big shift in what classes get their important skills at what point in the game.. for example, with proper crystals and appropriate relic weapon for the level, as a sorcerer i was tanking everything while leveling on eu recently , no tank was good enough to keep the aggro and each meteor strike i did would take it. enjoy the game - learn your class - read up on guides and prepare for end game, dont mind the low lvl stuff as representation of what this game is.
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