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soulbinding is just a greedy cash grab!

I know what you’re thinking, “well soulbinding stops people from selling the items for cash. It’s the companies way of combating third party websites”. When I was younger I would had agreed with you. Mainly because I was niave and stupid. So lets break this down a little and explain how soulbinding is a cash grab.

I have to start this off by saying Tera is a fantastic game. I have enjoyed almost every portion of the game. (The Kumas battlegrounds is the only exception to this. What a joke of a mini game. The mechanics are just plain broken). The graphics are stunning for a console. I just love going through and looking at everything. the lore is pretty decent as well. They probably could had went a little deeper with the story, but it’s 2018 and people just aren’t into the lore as much anymore, sadly.
We aren't here to talk about the game as a whole though, because if it wasn’t a good game you probably wouldn’t be on the forums trying to get improvements. You would already be onto the next game.

We’re here because I believe EnMasse has went to full on greed with the soulbinding to a single character. Soulbinding was created to combat third party sites. This part is completely true. I believe Blizzard were the ones who started this type of system for inventory items.

It’s almost like EnMasse went to EA and asked them how to make the most amount of money they could. They took the idea and just turned into the Flash getting back to their office to put that into their system before they forgot.

So, how does all this excessive amount of reading help to understand how soulbinding is nothing more than a greedy act? That’s actually really simple. EnMasse could had put account binding into play, which still combats the third party sites. It’s the same exact affect, but with the ability to switch your purchased items to another character on the same server. They figured out though, that if you bought wings on one character and they’re just sitting in your inventory because you got something different to wear now you can’t just send it to your alt to use. You would have to purchase the wings a second time to put it on your alt.

This type of soulbinding is only created due to the new players. An older player will catch on to how stupid this is and stop spending money on EMP to purchase new outfits, back accessories, weapon skins, etc. the newer player doesn’t realize the major flaw in this system and will spend money until they figure it out. What makes this worse is that they could continue to make money if they would turn to account binding. I have seen a few of the new items on the store I would love to own, but I’m not going to buy it because I know those items will be stuck on whatever character opens it. But if I was able to switch them between accounts, I would had already purchased another $200 worth of items. And then I would buy more as they come out. But, again, because I know those items will be useless once I find another item to replace it I’m not even going to waste my money.

I’m sorry if this is Long and drawn out. Sadly I just type and type and type. Thanks to anyone who reads this, and I really hope a GM reads this to bring up at their next meeting. They could be making more money in the long run, but their like that old Jackson-Hewitt commercial “it’s my money and I need it now”!


  • Soul binding/account binding has been in pretty much every MMO since early 2000's and probably before that.
  • i agree with sephlezer.
    Btw there is an item called liberation scrolls which can be used to unbind soulbound items. Sadly it only works on +15 tier items.
  • If I buy something in eso I get it for pretty much all my guys. That's why when the game Tera crashed for almost a week before my BDay May 19th I got a refund for my Founders pack.
    I agree with the post creator. This game is a cash grab and it seems like you two either put a lot of time or money into Tera and will defend this game rather blindly like shills, because you got caught in the grab too. Tera almost had me then I realized that the devs suck, Emasse has terrible customer support, and the game is heavily based on gambling. The gambling makes me sick. Even as free to play it gets to be very annoying. I will say this tho. Almost everything can be obtained with gold, but even those prices are rightfully high. If I spend 15 bucks on a mount, I would expect a ton of gold from that. I spent 15 dollars, but the free to play guys like to moan about how its too much to charge over 300000 for a mount that cost me a real 15 bucks. This game could have done better if polished, no easy route to 65, and possibly a paid title or subscription base to actually make money to add jevity to the game. Tera is already dead on ps4.
    Eso is alive and well, not ripping me off at all. I pay for eso premium and they give me enough currency to enjoy my play through each month. They have a support feature built into the game. Eso and FF care about the player and uses our money to expand the game. They respect the customers. Tera on the other hand is a free to play game, made free to cash in on the scumbaggery.
    THIS GAME HAD, OR MAYBE STILL HAS THE POTENTIAL, but if Emasse continues to value dollars over customers then no one will stay, except for the suckers. It's not just soulbinding btw bro. It's the whole nature of Tera.
    The liberation scroll is like 10 bucks you shill. You bring the level cap up but not the price. You seem like a total shill for that. Seph your response is basically "so what you gonna do about it" Emasse could slap you and your mother and you would beg them for more. I got your back OP. Don't listen to the shills.
  • I have to agree, tera in this moment is just a another cash-grab game like browser-games. Soulbind are making some players leaving the game, why we will buy somwhting like a costume or mount if they will be bounded to only a char ? Or even acessories inside the game, at least in Black Desert we can share all the equipment. Btw if this continues the way it is BD will take a great portion of tera players.
  • ^ Black Desert may even arrive on console(s). There was an announcement last year(?), but I haven't found an update on where it's at.
  • Tera came out on January 25, 2011 and has had soulbinding since release. BTW it is BHS (makers of Player Unknown Battlegrounds) that are the developers of Tera. ENMasse is the partner company that just puts all the stuff into the game and makes sure it is adapted to US laws.
  • > @BlaineHall said:
    > Tera came out on January 25, 2011 and has had soulbinding since release. BTW it is BHS (makers of Player Unknown Battlegrounds) that are the developers of Tera. ENMasse is the partner company that just puts all the stuff into the game and makes sure it is adapted to US laws.

    So just because its adapted to us laws we can't complain from getting milked with abusive prices nd gambling..
  • I agree they should get with the times and start the move towards account binding. Even a trash game like SWTOR with it's non-existent graphics, intern level cosmetics, animations, and well, a whole lot more, somehow stays afloat. The only thing it got perfect is the account wide gear binding and collection system, other than that, I don't even know what it's got going for it or how it survived until 2018.

    For cosmetics, I'm even willing to pay a small fee to reclaim an account bound cosmetic box to use on an alt, I'm not afraid to spend some $. It doesn't even have to be complex, just add it to the menu on the item once it's bound.

    But as I finish typing this I, unfortunately, realize the real devs in Korea cares as much for customers as China cares about human rights. EME probably bound to some draconian South Korean slave labor contract forcing them to generate an income quota or be disowned.
  • I won't buy anything else. I love my beetle mount but I want to make a new priest or tank but there's no point as I absolutely will NOT spend $20 more to get it for my 2nd character when my main priest can't find a group.

    Therefore, game dies because of less playerbase, = less money for EnMasse.
  • Sephlezar wrote: »
    Soul binding/account binding has been in pretty much every MMO since early 2000's and probably before that.

    Yep, I seem to remember it back as far as EQ, but that's a ways back. My memory grows fuzzy on some of these details.
  • I agree with the OP. Account binding would be much better for this game, as opposed to the current soul binding system.
  • The game is bleeding for cash. They want you to buy the same item multiple times for multiple characters.
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