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No Gunner boxes at end of dungeons

So on the website it claims that BOL, and CR give gunner boxes for defeating the boss at the end. It's a lie. I ran BoL on one account, and got nothing. I watched someone else run CR on a totally different account, and he didn't get a box either. Both chars were gunners. So either the website is lying to us, and you can only participate in the event at lvl 65, or the game is broken.


  • They probably messed it up like every event
  • LucyKosakiLucyKosaki ✭✭
    edited July 2018
    I ran like 30-40 endgame dungs with my slayer during the past week and I got around 5 gunner boxes. They are probably just a rare drop for whatever reason.
  • Ya some people get them a bunch I honostly don't see how you can spell them with the drop rate
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