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Lancer Lore Loading Screen Contest - Ends July 20

Hey TERA fans, we’ve got another loading screen contest starting Sunday, July 1. This time out, we’re going to focus on the history of the lancer, as told by Primus Daarran, an amani drill instructor with a…unique conversational style.

Level up a lancer in July, and Daarran will send you history lessons as you hit certain leveling milestones! Turn his words into your art, and we’ll make some more history as the origins of the lancer will be depicted on screen for the very first time!

We’re looking for the best piece of art for each of Daarran’s lessons, 12 loading screens in total. Ideally, you’ll find that one part of the lancer’s story that really resonates with you for your entry—the simpler the better. Submit your potential loading screens (1920×1200.png) as an attachment to [email protected] by Friday, July 20 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. (Standard contest rules apply.)

You must consent to our privacy policy by including the line "I accept your privacy policy" in the body of your emailed submission, or we are not allowed to keep or consider your submission. We'll only use your character name, server name, and email address for the sake of this contest.

I'll add the text in the next post :)


  • Letters for each loading screen:

    Listen up, keener. It’s time for you to learn the ins and outs of being a lancer, and I’m the aman best suited for the job. So pick up your lance, and get ready to earn these rewards!

    You want to be the best? Then you must learn the true history of the lance, instead of worrying about accessories and pretty baubles. It’s not a happy story, but it’s one every aman knows. Amani lancers were the first to ever take the field, and we did so as slaves.

    The “Golden Empire” of the giants is the darkest period in my people’s history. We didn’t fight by choice—shields and lances were forged onto our arms, and taken off only when we died. To honor the memory of the first lancers, never lay your weapons down until all enemies are dead.

    Every blow struck for our giant overlords, every enemy attack blocked, was for one goal only. To one day cast off our chains and kill our supposed masters. To honor the courage of the first lancers, never run from a fight, and always remember you stand at the fore to protect others.

    Combat is a lancer’s daily fare. Eat when you can, drink when you’re thirsty, always remembering that the slaves who came before you could do neither unless they returned victorious. We are the first, best, and last line of defense against injustice.

    The seals the giants branded into our skins made us the perfect soldiers. Fierce, unstoppable, unwavering. Our lances never dipped, our shields never broke. We learned lessons from every battle, and became the giants’ elite, if unwilling, fighting force.
    Davan, our greatest hero, appealed to the gods for his people’s release. Kaia was moved by his words, and sought a way to free the Amani people from the giants’ rule. She joined the elite lancers in disguise, studying both their fighting style, and the seals that bound them.

    Kaia learned the secrets of the slaver’s seal, but rather than wrest us away from the giant’s control, she gave the knowledge to Lok. For three long years, she fought beside us while Lok’s favored artisans, Clan Castanic, found a way to free the amani people once and for all.

    Lok and Clan Castanic delivered their creation to the amani, who freed themselves and threw down the last bastion of the giants’ power. Never again would amani lancers turn their weapons on the innocent, and ever since we’ve used the lessons of our enslavement to ensure freedom for all.

    There are those who curse Lok for his later actions, but for the amani people, Lok and the crafters of Clan Castanic are among the truest friends we’ve ever known. When the castanics were cast down, we took them under our shields, and they taught us to forge unbreakable lances.

    Kaia loved us when no-one else would. Lok helped us, though it ultimately cost his life. To honor their trust and sacrifices, we taught the world how to resist tyranny. To take up the shield is to vow never to stop fighting until Kaia welcomes you home.
    In the years that followed our liberation, we crafted a mighty fortress to honor the shieldmaiden Kaia. With her help, we guard Northern Shara to this day, against any and all threats. She is our mistress, our mother, and our fiercest commander.

    When the high elves came for the humans of Essenia, we were there, lances at the ready. When the argons came for us all, we stood fast while others fled. The high elves sent an army in response, but when they set shields and lances against the argons, we knew they’d chosen the right side.

    Now we fight for the Valkyon Federation. On islands, in the clouds, in trenches and towers. No army is complete without a contingent of lancers, and no aman would dare stay behind when Kaia calls us to war.
    We stand. We fight! We win!
    Welcome, lancer, to the front lines.
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