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Console players going back to PC

A quick look at the front page and you notice all the events going for PC. Meanwhile console gets outfits in the Tera shop, nocteniums that are character restricted, and a pvp event on two broken laggy maps.

No wonder console is dying...well that and lack of content. In before you tell me we just got gunner. Its a class...same content, same bs.


  • Not dying on my server
  • My server (Dracoloth) is very busy with new players and quite a few big guilds.
  • I haven't gone back to PC. I'm enjoying myself here on Nyx. It may not be the most populated, but I do find things to do. Double drop will help a bit, it won't solve the problem 100%, but it will make it seem active again for a few days. I wish they would have done double drop on a non fraywind weekend though.
  • XBOX NA Basilisk server is pretty busy as well. We have groups running dungeons constantly in 417s and RMHM
  • PrishanatorPrishanator ✭✭
    edited July 2018
    As long as it is Free to Play, it will never completely die though. It´s not so bad all the time tbh, this week que was kinda quick and i experienced that many people still play this game at the right times. Tera Console just feels dead at specific times, but in general it´s far from dead.

    There are still issues though, most players are coming and going kinda fast.

    The main isse is that they chosed the wrong start for Tera consoles, they should have begin with a way newer version with fixed classes and more dungeons and tiers...

    ANYWAY... i have to admit it is somehow easier to clear hardmodes now, i wouldn´t even say it´s because of that new buff(it doesn´t prevent you from 1 hit mechanics and such) it just feels like there are a lot of people knowing what they do now.

    So it´s not all that bad, actually it´s fun to play for me again tbh.

    It´s just... those many utterly broken features which make players hating the game... guildbank not working, no trade, chat is bad, warrior is broken(in a bad way), achievements not working completely(only score and rewards, but no class symbol upgrades), menues are still partly broken, communication/community is kinda bad, and and and... they just released an unfinished game and yet they still didn´t fix the most demanded and important things.
  • That's because console is behind PC... PC gets the items first, then console gets it. It was the same with Playstation and XBOX a few years ago, I'm sure XBOX got things first and then Playstation (DLC, game releases etc.) I don't mind that. Someday we'll get those new dungeons as well, Tera PC has waited just as long as us y'know for the new dungeons, so don't moan. <3

    I think the reason why new people are coming and going is because this game is a grind game and I'm not surprised some (or most even) find this boring. Literally everything before 65 is effortlessly killing, going from question mark to question mark. People with no Elite Status can't fast travel, they have to take the Pegasus and fly everywhere which takes a long time to do so, sometimes the game can even crash meanwhile.

    Since the Gunner release it's a pain to find instance matching too (as a DPS), it takes even longer than before to get inside a dungeon. (low level dungeons I mean, not sure about the high level dungeons) Another reason why people come and go.
  • your an idiot.
  • YWLC5CNEHM wrote: »
    your an idiot.


  • The console version has been crap and always will as the devteam likes to neglect doing their job or even trying so i don't expect this port to ever really take off. I am sure since it is a free game it will probably die down even more after a half a year or so and eventually it will end up like Onigiri in an eternal state of "wtf theres like no one playing this game right now. how is it still online?" lol
  • NicobalkitoNicobalkito Argentina ✭✭
    edited July 2018
    I dont know how ls pc right now. Just what l was told. But l understand that console Tera is a ported version of nowadays pc but outdated off course. I played between year 1 - 2 USA server so thing have changed a lot and l was expecting a lot that didn't know it was removed. Bg on pc have been modififed in some later update after l quit l dunno with what point but kumas is the only bg that people queue and kumas sucks. And l played on pc when kumas was first implemented and in that time kumas sucks even more. O got to know here that Aliance wars and and nexus were removed on pc on some updates. So kinda all the hype l have to come back to epic battles on pvp, wars and stuff was remplaces with people desguised as rabbits or pandas. Im still playing, but less and less. Enchanting and going for ambush gear is hilarious to me. Pvp ambush and conflate gear sets are useless without pvp open areas like in aliance wars unless you play in a pvp server. So having the best gear imo has no point if you have nowhere to use it. As long people buy rabbits customes or a popori panda buy a panda costume. Tera wont die. And lll play other games .
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