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Server merge PvP Eu, are You satisfied.

I want to bring up my frusteation of the information that only the pvp servers will be merged together.

I myself play since early release on Zyra. Im watching day by day the server die.

Alot of players left tge game or rerolled on an pve server.


Their is no pvp Content.
Open world pvp is non existant due to lack of any form of reward system and constently decreasing playerbase.

Atm even the BiS pvp gear would be ambush.

No Players. No Designs. No movement at all in the aktionhous.

If i would have been give this Information from tge start id nerver touched a pvp server.

Now the only thing left would be to hope for servertransfers.

As i understand the pc model its 20 bucks per Char and only limted amount of items/gold can be Transferd along.

I ask of the players of the pvp servers to air their opinion and give Solutions.

As of mine, it would be get rid of pvp servers they have no meaning merge all into one.

.rant end


  • BaratosBaratos ✭✭
    edited July 2018
    I am on NA but like you in EU I am not satisfied. this game is 99% pve focused and noone is out in open world. I didn't realize the pvp was as bad as it was when i decided on nyxarras and my whole guild would prefer to merge with the rest. The population needs to be larger and the economy isn't great with a small amount of people.
  • I agree with your rant, even though I am not in your situation.
    What is happening now though is PvP players asking to be merged with PvE (like you do) but oh, btw could we have PvP gameplay (like Outlaw) be active on the new server as well.
    That is not OK.

    the way I see it, dozens of ppl want to force PvP on hundreds of ppl.

  • Nope im not asking that.
    Im asking to merge to a pve server. With all the rules applying to that claim.

    Not saying i want but u have to activly activate outlaw.

    I dont want to force pvp on pve.

    I want to play the game. This game doesnt have pvp so make all pve.

    Sry if i was unclear on thar
  • Then you are the exception, because everybody else wants Outlaw active on PvE servers 'because nobody ever goes to Velika Outskirts anyways'.
    It's a PvE server. No Outlaw.
  • Outlaw is a skill u would have to willingly acivate.

    I dont care 4 it but i also dont see the harm.

    If u dont want. Dont even buy it from the merchant.

    I say again there is no pvp in this game.

    Merge all servers to one big pve server.
  • The majority do want to get rid of open pvp in favor of joining the pve servers.
  • SoyTheSauceSoyTheSauce ✭✭
    edited July 2018
    There is nothing to give up.
    Open world pvp is non existant
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