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Merging servers, losing characters that I spent money on?

Will I get refunded for all characters that I spent my money on. I know it's free game, but I spent $806:94 on tera( I:e mounts, weapon skins, custumes. And sixteen characters that are spreaders out between the servers total. So deleting characters are going to be a problem. Plus even if you let me keep all my characters, I won't have enough space for ninja or valkyrie. So have multiple servers are helpful


  • I'm curious to see how this is going to affect us, I have spent money also and all except 1 has bound items I know they said we keep our bound items but if we lose those characters what really happens to the items …. Sadly I don't think they will refund but it would be helpful if they would be more clear on the whole "merge" and how it is really going to affect us.
  • Thank you voodoorose and mistytera for replying to this discussion. Replying to both of you, yes I'm also curious on how this merge is going to affect us as a gaming community. And hopefully ur right mistytera about are characters been all transferred over. It's not really about the money and being refunded. It's more of the fact that I love playing tera, some characters get played more than others. But in the end I don't want to lose any of my characters or deleting them. And I do have a few other problems with the merge, but I'm hoping the outcome does help out tera being a better experience

  • All explained
  • Hello idk shat im doing
  • Thank you for your reply j3nnr37fkx, yes I've read the official site info on merging servers. I've also watch another YouTubers channel and urs on explaining the merge. But my point for this discussion is I have sixteen characters and their spreaded between almost all of the servers, plus I spent time and effort and money on all my characters. So I love all my characters, I don't want to choose to delete to any of my characters. Witch would delete the stuff I've bought for them. Because yes their given us 5 free characters slots to but on the server with the highest number of characters. My highest is 4, and rest is like 3 or 2. Witch would be given me 9. Leaving me 7 characters out in the cold. Evening then it doesn't say or stated that all are characters would be transferred. So basically what I'm trying to say is for anyone who is reading this, people who will probably share the same problem as me, and hopefully the people who are working on this game See's this discussion. And I'm sorry if I step on people's toes that read this and get afended. I didn't mean to
  • Welcome lazmonia, thank you for joining the discussion. Hmm don't know what you mean by that?
  • Each server can accommodate up to 16 chars. I would buy 7 more slots and thus having a full 16 available on one server before the merge. This way you don't lose any.
  • Thank you for your reply gufymike. Hmmm I've never thought of that, good advice hopefully it works. But I'll definitely give it a try
  • one thing with this as well is that there will be 2 servers after the merge one pvp one pve so if your characters are split between pvp and pve that should also change the number of slots you need in the end.
    one thing I am curious about is people who have extra slots between multiple servers (IE more than 5 slots purchased between the servers that are not the one they have the most slots on)
  • Thank you for your reply elixir 66. Also thank you for your advice about PvP server to put in accounting. But I don't play on the PvP server's though. Hmm to ur second half of ur reply, I'm also curious about that to, but I don't know the answer sadly, wish I did
  • I thought they were giving us 5 free slots to account for 1 character per server being merged in. (4 PvE, 1 PvP)

    That wouldn't help the amount above that and if you had too many character and went over the 16 cap, but it may help some.

    I made characters on all but Dracolith, where I have 1 of each already. I will move them over with the new slots and copy all their valuable stuff and gold into the bank and then delete them. I may add 1 spot to the PvP server and create a Reaper there.

    My only annoyance is that I am out the cost of a pet for each character, since I decided it was worth paying for a pet to gather drops. Those will be unfortunately gone when I delete the characters. I already deleted 1 on the second PvP server, but I don't need 4 extra sorcerers at this point.
  • Thank you for your reply flopsyprinces. Well reading and watching the merging servers info and some help of other people, my thoughts right now are, and hopefully they end up right. Is they said we are getting 5 free slots, to add to are highest server. So for me I'll have to buy seven more before the merging happens. In theory it should work to save all my characters. Because I'm at 16 limit. But yes ur right about having more then 16, people with more will probably be screwed, sorry to say. And I'm also sorry to hear that your practically out ur pet's, witch is one of the reasons why this discussion has been started. It's for people who will probably take a lost on money spent on a character or deleting them. and thank for telling me that ur thinking of making a reaper. I feel honored that you wanted to tell me
  • they will give you deletion period and possibly a new name change once the merge happens
  • Thank you for your reply a3lkdlkdam. Yes I forgot about the deleting period, and yes that's only if someone has the same name and has played the characters more than u. I'm not to worried about that, most of mine are pretty original
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