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An Open Letter To EME Staff Regarding Server Merges



  • On ps4 we need pve servers to merg into pvp and keeping it a pvp server, give folks the option to transfer for free to a pve server if they feel they dont want to be on a pvp server simple.
  • BaratosBaratos ✭✭
    edited July 2018
    You pve guys dont seem to realise that pvp server is the same exact game except theres a flagging option that no one does because there's nothing to gain from it. Its 100 percent a waste of time. I am completely in favor of scrapping it and the ten people who will get angry is a lot better. I am sure there is a vast majority on the pvp server that would rather lose that ability than playing on a dying server due to lack of people which leads to a poor economy and slows progression. It is already annoying to get people as it is. Joining the pvp server was a mistake but I would prefer to keep playing and i have invested way too much in the characters i have to just restart.
  • Routiere wrote: »
    I don't think anyone is denying that the merge suggested by EME as is will not benefit pvp server, just that conceding any part of the world to PvP zones is not on the table for PvE players. Requesting PvE changes on a PvP server ultimately led to the downfall of that system and the same shouldn't be done to PvE.

    Gonna have to agree with this outlook. There's just no way u will get a hybrid server. No way PvE majority will agree to any kind of PvP zone. It sucks for PvP server players for sure, but numbers speak for themselves. PvE servers are preferred. Or u could argue that fans of PvP know this and join those servers for that reason. I do wonder sometimes when I see the arguments happen in highwatch why those players just didn't join a PvP server. (though, it is entertaining for the most part)

    Personally, the zone idea doesn't bother me if it's an instanced zone. Open world? Nah. I don't feel a player choosing a PvE server should ever have to worry about walking into a PvP area.

    PvP has long since been dead on PC. They just have more players. I think TERA's search parameters hinder both it's DG & BG q'ing.
  • I vote that the PvE servers don't get civil unrest too because they don't want any form of pvp in the game.
  • HueHue ✭✭
    This is a nice idea, but I do like merge to proceed as plan; then just enable server transfer after ($$).
  • Honestly, as long as i can kill people in cu, vo, rally and world bosses when they become important I'm happy. PvP isn't like it was during vm1, you don't fear for your life anymore.... its actually relaxed. I know a lot of people who will quit this game if it continues this way without PvP. They should delay the server merges until the transfers are available or merge the two pvp servers with an extra PvE server such as ovolith to help balance the population.
  • ZeonVIZeonVI
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    > @Hue said:
    > This is a nice idea, but I do like merge to proceed as plan; then just enable server transfer after ($$).

    If servers transfer is ever a thing I wouldn’t care for this but it’s been brought apon us that transfers are to difficult on console and don’t plan on being put in
  • RhapsodicalRhapsodical ✭✭
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    Just kill off the worthless open world pvp altogether already. I don't care for your pvp garbage to be anywhere in my PVE servers unless it's queue'd

    -signed NA Xbox person
  • CobaltDragonCobaltDragon admin
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    @ZeonVI said: If servers transfer are ever a thing, I wouldn’t care for this but it’s been brought apon us that transfers are too difficult on console and don’t plan on being put in.

    To clarify, the above has never been stated.
    I have mentioned previously that for TERA Console, the same Transfer system as PC ( web version ) can't be used, which means in order to have Server Transfers on Console, it will require additional developement time to build a system that will allow a Character to be Server Transfered, and that would happen within the current In-Game User Interface Window.
  • BaratosBaratos ✭✭
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    I have a couple questions for the pve players. Why if they implemented something that gave pvp people something and you have to go completely out of your way to engage in pvp would you even care it exists? Lets say they make a pvp channel which you have to join to engage in it or give a small area in a zone that when entered enabled pvp or even both having to activate outlaw to engage in pvp. Why would you be against these if its a huge headache just to get to do in the first place where you can't accidentally stumble into it? I just don't understand this mentality it just doesn't make sense. If they implemented any of those things its not something you have to do or even have to think about because it wouldn't impact your gameplay in any way. So please explain to me how it would ruin your ability to quest or do dungeons when it literally would not impact you in the slightest. The game would benefit more from having a single server.
  • @CobaltDragon then why rush these merges? I'd much rather wait for you to come out with transfers from bhs in Korea than merge all the pve servers and have to beg people to pay $15 a pop (if elite) to come to the pvp server. I would rather be torchered in a "dead server" for 3-4 months and have the option to xfer than have you merge by server classes now and have friends come to the pvp server at the cost of their money. I would much rather have what similarly happened to VoT/LoT/HW on pc and have the option to go elsewhere for both pvp and pve sides.
  • Also it would be a hell of a lot easier than convincing these pve heros to allow pvp on their server because they don't even know how pvp works they are so brain dead...
  • @FrostyDivine - The timeline for it may not be 3-4 months.
  • Hello,
    My IGN is Fistticuffs i played on vesporax for aehile and just couldnt deal with low population so i had moved to smulch and when i was told about this thread i couldnt have said it better rinky makes valuable points as to why both pvp server merges would still amount to a dead pvp server they arent asking for much to be honest i honestly think alot of pve players are misinterpreting the thread they are not asking for pve servers to be labled as pvp but just the consideration for the pvp servers to be moved into a pve server because its true with HH coming up both servers combined can barely amount to a full raid i was having a discussion with my guildmates who are majority pve based and they dont mind if this was to happen it would help designate times for bgs instead of just having the players on eme discord only being the ones to que for these BGs because a vast majority of people on each server do t have access to the discord let alone the bunch that dont check forums i simply ask that those who arent understanding ask for explanation and or reread what rinky has posted i back this thread 100%
    -Fistticuffs Smulch,Vesporax
  • Skourge/Arche from Vesp here. Those of you who have only played for a short length of time don't quite grasp the issue; as others have stated, I would also be fine with no "open world" pvp as its nonexistent. l'd love a merge like EU is getting. I absolutely agree with the majority here, and have to emphatically state the concerns of the pve crowd, while understood, are completely invalid simply because the perceived issues dont even exist. I have 300k gold trapped on the orisk server, and i noticed that prices on our broker are in some cases 5 to 7 times more expensive for certain items. Regardless, theres clearly been a server match issue, so even if there are still two separate servers, here;s to hopin they communicate together properly :P
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