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An Open Letter To EME Staff Regarding Server Merges



  • I think non open world pvp would be okay to an extent. The current patch right now would be fine besides outlaw in vo up until rally. If there is no pvp available when rally comes in those areas, keep the pve heros away or create a system similar to pc where only every other day it's a pvp rally.

    Following that, world bams become an issue. I will literally make a lancer just to reset the wbs to claim them for my own as I believe pvp would be a way to justify being able to keep the bam, and make a fun event out of it... because let's be real.. even pve heros aue bg's... and did cu... and did alliance...

    @CobaltDragon then I'll wait 6 months, gladly. Save the mergers for later if you follow through though.
  • Baratos wrote: »
    I have a couple questions for the pve players. Why if they implemented something that gave pvp people something and you have to go completely out of your way to engage in pvp would you even care it exists? Lets say they make a pvp channel which you have to join to engage in it or give a small area in a zone that when entered enabled pvp or even both having to activate outlaw to engage in pvp. Why would you be against these if its a huge headache just to get to do in the first place where you can't accidentally stumble into it? I just don't understand this mentality it just doesn't make sense. If they implemented any of those things its not something you have to do or even have to think about because it wouldn't impact your gameplay in any way. So please explain to me how it would ruin your ability to quest or do dungeons when it literally would not impact you in the slightest. The game would benefit more from having a single server.

    Realistically, you've gotta know that this idea is pretty low (IF it's even on there) on the priority list side of things for the BHS console team. Given the current console build, player count etc...that it's a ways off. Definitely not a bad idea though.
    Also it would be a hell of a lot easier than convincing these pve heros to allow pvp on their server because they don't even know how pvp works they are so brain dead...

    Posts like this, breed toxicity. But I understand it. I also understand exactly how the PvP server system works. Some seem to have lost sense of what the initial premise of this thread is: To have the PvP servers merged with PvE servers.

    Do I think this is what they should've done? Absolutely. Or At least have the option to transfer. Still make the 2 mega servers but give both sides the option to switch. unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be in the near future. Maybe not even the far future. If PvP servers can vote on whether they would like to wait for transfers and delay their merger, hey, by all means do so. But I ask that the PvE merger proceeds full steam ahead.

    So if right now, (& in the next three weeks) the sitrep is either take the current proposed merger or wait 6+ months for server transfer to be available as the only options on the table for both sides, I'm Dakuryon swiping the latter right off the table. Something's better than nothing. C'est la vie...

    It seems the safest route BHS and EME had was to keep the same with same & maybe it's easier for them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry for the long post...
  • I dont get. We are asking for a merge of all servers. If it takes giving up open world pvp thats a very very very very small tiny Price to pay.

    I dont want to delay anything.

    I just want a fair chance to enjoy the game.
  • I agree I just want a healthy population and economy more than anything. They can work on anything else later.
  • Im Advocating to go at this in steps.
    Merge all servers to 1 pve server. No pvp for the time in open world.
    Give Everybody the chance to play the game.

    Develop a coexciting concept.

    I have 2 to offer atm.

    Remove pvp zones that Auto toggle outlaw skill.
    Outlaw purly as activ toggle.

    If there would be a world boss event ud have to toggle to be able to attack the boss or support ur tank dps.

    Same goes GvG.
    They decide to bash their skulls. Toggle.

    If someone doesnt want to rake Part in such they just never touch the outlaw skill or better dont even buy it from the merchant.

    And pvp channels.

    Lets take velika.
    It has 3 Channels add a 4th mark it red put a skull icon next to it and implement multiple safty question if u want to join the pvp channel.

    On the pvp channel it would behave like the Environment of a pvp server.

    Again who doesnt want to switch to the pvp channel.

    And u wouldnt even have to sore ur eyes at ur daily stroll in velika os

    That is my 2 Cent.

    Nobody wants to gank people that arent in for it there are option.

    Just saying no im afraid isnt one.
  • 94TCY5TWCE wrote: »
    Im Advocating to go at this in steps.

    And pvp channels.

    Lets take velika.
    It has 3 Channels add a 4th mark it red put a skull icon next to it and implement multiple safty question if u want to join the pvp channel.

    I hope you understand that the city of Velika is a safe zone on PvP servers. I'm not sure why I have to repeat that at least twice on every page of this thread.

    If you can't take in outlaw on a mega merge in a few select areas such as rally and vo then you don't deserve our talented PvP section. Just wait until you get Civil Urest and start to cry, jeeze they gunna be giving you guys free gold and ya'll gunna complain that there is pvp involved. Guess what, Rally is the same example. And world bams would be a close 2nd.

    TBH just give us Ovolith to merge with Nyx and Huzrat, we are already friends and we like each other... That would remove the NA's toxicity level 10 fold.
  • Im just trying to compromise.

    I realy dont see the harm in giving the pvp players a Community.

    And the pve Players no change to their gameplay.

    I hope more people could come up with Solutions.

    We pvp players dont want to force pvp on to you.
    But pve players csn seriously just say no out of no sound reason amd let us rott.
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    Im kind of unsure why everyone is in complete uproar about this decision. EME is not the first company to do this, and certainly isn't going to be the last. They are choosing to fix a major issue (population) by merging the servers. The most uproar I see on a daily basis comes from those on pvp servers complaining about not getting enough done, then whining about how they will have to transfer to pve servers to get content done. honestly, people will just never be happy. they'll just keep whining and griping til the next big game comes out, move to that game, whine and moan about every little thing wrong with that game and rinse and repeat. With all due respect (idk why some people even get this respect) I believe EME is doing the right thing here. and everyone is just going to have to either live with it or find a new game to complain about.

    EDIT: why don't we just have one big server on every console/region and let the players decide if the would like to pvp or not. Have a bloodlust or pvp flag option on a toggle. I think this would allow everyone to be happy.. for the moment.
  • Ur completly on point except for pvp.

    There wont be a fix in population.

    Merging all the already good pop pve servers and let the pvp be as they are deserves an uproar
  • First I'm a pve player. I came to Tera console not knowing anything about Tera, so I choose pve over pvp as a learning place. Then later was going to decide if I wanted to join a pvp server based on if I liked the game (i do) and what the pvp experience was like. If it fit what I wanted. I've been watching this debate happen over discord all weekend and decided to wait for the roadmap that just came out before making a decision on how I felt this should go.

    After seeing the roadmap, with nothing mentioned or planned for the pvp servers event wise at least for the next 6 months to bring players over to the pvp servers, whether they are new or existing players. There is no reason pvp should exist as it doesn't appear that EME/BHS are considering it in their immediate plans. The situation on the PVP side is really bad. Now I know the people behind this post and EME are talking and coming up with ideas to satisfy all. I'll support whatever comes of this. But in the end, if merging pvp and pve servers together results in the loss of pvp content. I think there should be a future planned where a pvp server is relaunched with the pvp content like open world guild vs guild and other things if they can't mix this in with the current pve servers configuration easily.
  • I don't want to be on a pvp server.
  • PhantyUKPhantyUK ✭✭
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    First and foremost after watching the twitch live stream and seeing how EnMasse is actually taking interest in our concern is so refreshing, so thank you for hearing us out.


    I currently play on one of two PvP servers on PS4 EU and have been playing from the start. Like many I joined expecting some what of a unique PvP experience that I otherwise wouldn't of got from PvE servers. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case. Currently the only difference is that I can use Outlaw, and that's only relevant in very limited and mainly uncontested zones. Has an avid PvP player who has played over 400 games of FW/CS since release, I can honestly say there's been less than 3 hours where there's been any type of open world PvP that I've personally acknowledged on my server.

    Initially the fact there's not much open PvP on a server in itself is not a problem, however the problems come from the result of that. It's quickly apparent how enjoyable the PvE aspect of the game is. Now the PvP servers have turned into some what of a dead zone, and it quickly snowballing out of control. I see on a daily basis people quitting or rerolling permanently to a PvE server, as the advantages of a lively community with the possibilities of groups for both PvE and still being able to queue for any PvP battlegrounds, outshadows any type of advantage you'd get from being on a PvP server. As for the snowball effect, I'm sure your stats will show, but if not take a few minutes to log on to the servers. At peak time our 2 PvP servers may have 10-15 people in highwatch (that's being generous). Where two out of the four PvE servers have almost two full channels on high.


    I propose that the best solution is to get rid of the PvP servers entirely, at least from Europes stand point. While the game doesn't have any distinctive features for PvP servers, there's no point in still isolating them as player vs player servers. Give us the ability to play with a thriving community again, we can still queue PvP, we can still duel all our friends in HIghwatch while queueing for PvE. Outlaw is so irrelevant and that is essentially the only reason you are splitting the two types up.

    Finally after watching the stream and hearing that there's no realistic chance of individual server transfers anytime soon, this is a lot of peoples only hope of having a chance of being on an active server again. Please don't just take my word for it, look into the stats further. Don't let us remain on dead servers. Be our savior!
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    > @PhantyUK said:
    > Currently the only difference is that I can use Outlaw, and that's only relevant if my opponent also chooses outlaw.

    I feel like you are making good points, i just want to point out that only 1 person needs to be flagged with outlaw. Just so there isnt any misinformation.
  • HC4PF5RDK3 wrote: »
    > @PhantyUK said:
    > Currently the only difference is that I can use Outlaw, and that's only relevant if my opponent also chooses outlaw.

    I feel like you are making good points, i just want to point out that only 1 person needs to be flagged with outlaw. Just so there isnt any misinformation.

    Thank you for pointing that out, you're completely right my bad.
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