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An Open Letter To EME Staff Regarding Server Merges



  • WR7XC4777N wrote: »
    I suggest a full on servers wide vote and we'll see how many ppl on ovo would even be for it, i have a feeling you'll be shocked.

    And i'll have you know I speak for everyone on NA and EU both platforms :^)

    You need to realize comments like that lose all credibility in your argument, nobody speaks for everyone, we can only hope enough people see the benefit of a change to their proposed merger like this describes. I want the population to survive, please don't make everyone on the side of it seem emotionless and unreasonable, we have to be able to comprise, otherwise all the pvp server are going to get is the other pvp server as a merger.

    Or do a merge like they did on pc VoT/LoT/HW merge into Fey Forest (PvP65) Everyone was happy with the merge who ended up on the server.
  • Katalina wrote: »
    Well all of your #1 guild wants to be on Nyx @VoodooRose

    And who is that? Log Horizon? Current "#1" guild on Ovolith. You probably mean Athens, but guess what? They consist of 46 -characters- and who knows how many actual players. 10? The main group is 5 anyway. Big sample there.

    If people wanted to join a pvp server, we would have from the start.

    The only reason people didn't want to restart was because they have over 1mil in gold. I probably wouldn't want to start over if I had that kind of money too.
  • Any suggestion forcing a PvE to merge into a PvP server is obviously the last step they will ever take. So be realistic please. Unfortunately the only reasonable solution short term is to just drop the 'outlaw' servers, until a future period of the game where they have better open world PvP features.

    I almost feel like the NA/EU experience on PvP servers are different too. It sounds like Nyx might actually be very active, however the two Europe servers are dead. So I think potentially treating NA and EU as different problems might be way the forward. NA PvP servers might just be active enough to merge as one, however that is simply not the case in Europe. Almost everyone I know doesn't care about Outlaw anymore, we just want people to play with, that should be the absolute focus when considering a new alternative, activity.
  • Im on the populated one zyr.

    Hw during rush hour maybe 10-15
    Adding the other server we ll gane 0

    All left 4 maligos.

    But i refuse to give up 4/5 ambush and all the rest i accomplishrd for nothing to gain and thank to roadmap nothing to look forward to the Next half year.

    And i couldnt even escspe no Transfers in the near futur
  • RomZRomZ ✭✭
    R.M From Saravash | EU | PS4.
    Agree that all servers should merge into 1, people cant be left out like PVP server would be if things carry on as planned. Other zones that could be fun to experiment open world pvp are the old alliance houses(3 in total in velika, allemantheia and kaiator) ? There is no actual use of them zones per now, atm they are "peace zones" where you cant even duel(was looking for a training grounds for PvP before gold spammers were rid off velika)
  • I don't really see why the argument continued on for so long. The original topic was PvP community wishing to merge with PvE, not the other way around. The PvE community is not requesting to merge with PvP and have Outlaw removed. If that was the case you would probably have issues with that much like we are having the opposite issue currently.
  • PhantyUK wrote: »
    Any suggestion forcing a PvE to merge into a PvP server is obviously the last step they will ever take.

    I agree, please don't force me into a care bear server either. I like my PvP stuff. I enjoy sitting in VO and dualing in peace without hearing care bear chat in global. I also enjoy killing all the care bears at rally who are still in guile. I also enjoy killing the care bears at world bosses and watch them whine about not being good at pvp. And boy i can't wait to force them to PvP when CU comes out and they have to PvP if they want to be considered a top guild. :^)
  • Also on a side note I talked to many people on Ovolith, a PvE server. They said they would be okay with a merger into the PvP servers. Maybe you should ask the community. I'm not just talking about Athens, I'm talking about many other full guilds. They don't even wana merge with the other PvE servers, but are willing to merge with the PvP's.. Now thats something we can both live with.

    Maybe ask the players before forcing this upon us from Ovolith..
  • MyxMyx ✭✭
    I agree with a merge and can say, there will be no harm for pve players at least on EU.
    Playing on XBOX EU pvp server, pvp encounters anywhere = zero. I got some duel requests in citys but thats all and nothing to fear for a pve player cause you can simply deny them if you don't want to fight.
    With the broken overhauled outlaw system which only allows lvl 65 players to attack others in non pve zones its nearly impossible to do any fights. Save lvling, save questing, nothing to fear.
  • This is what pve players think that'll happen lul
  • KurgannKurgann ✭✭
    edited August 2018
    A vast majority of players *chose* to play on PvE. Calling those players 'snowflakes', 'PvE Heros' and 'carebears' to bully them into accepting PvP on their PvE servers just shows the toxic mentality players chose to avoid by playing PvE.

  • BaratosBaratos ✭✭
    edited August 2018
    We are not all toxic. I think some people fail to realise what's at stake by resisting joining the pve server. As it stands now there is no open pvp effectively making the pvp server the exact same as the pve server. The difference is the option of outlaw declaration that no one really uses. The best option for the pvp servers is to be merged into the pve servers with everyone else. They may have ideas for the pvp server but they won't bring people in. They can always do opt in pvp things on the pve server, but that could take years at the rate this game is developing for either server. The best option is to join the rest of the population and ask for events. The pvp server will eventually merge into the other one regardless due to low population. It will happen in time no doubt, because the population will be so one sided towards the pve one. There's virtually no difference between the server types. I can't think of many who would care giving up the current useless system and wait for them to do some sort of events on the singular server. That could take months upon months. People will leave for other games in the next 3 months. The pvp is not developed enough in this game to keep people for it. People will not wait for it to get better. There isn't much to do in the first place besides 5 dungeons.
  • Restarting is too much of an issue its easier to just quit if you have plus 15 ambush and spent money on costumes and upgrade materials. The game is good but not good enough to want to redo months of work.
  • Rinky wrote: »
    My name is Rinky, and I’m writing on behalf of the PVP and PVE servers on both Xbox and Playstation. We have been playing TERA Online since the console beta, and many of the others who helped create this post have been playing much longer than that on PC. I reached out to many other guilds across both platforms--from PVE and PVP servers-- to see if they shared my concerns and to make a collaborative effort in crafting this post.

    With the recent news announcement regarding server merges, there seems to be some disconnect between the community and En Masse. I know I am not alone with these thoughts, and I’m here laying out what the greater portion of the community thinks. I understand that En Masse receives lots of feedback on the forums and Discord, but I also know that the majority of the community is not very vocal, and I’m here to speak for them. I’m more than happy to hear everyone’s thoughts, and I’m willing to have a discussion regarding the topic in the comments of this forum post. I want to keep this discussion on-topic, civilized, and respectful to other players, and En Masse staff, who has worked so hard to make console TERA Online a reality.

    I’ll start this off just going from a population point of view. The information after this is all from Friday July 27, at prime time, 6 PM PDT; this is normally the time that PVP Battlegrounds would start to pop. Simply put the PVP servers are too low population for anything content-wise moving forward. If PVP servers do not get merged into the PVE server, the PVP server will die. The server overview page on Xbox shows both PVP servers as Medium population, whereas the four PVE servers are all High. The server overview page on Playstation shows all servers as Medium population. The discrepancy here is that the PVE server is getting four servers, where as the PVP servers are only getting two servers. In a view of Highwatch, the PVP servers on Playstation barely have enough players to get a 20-man raid together on both servers, and the Xbox servers most certainly do not have enough to gather a full 20-man raid. This brings up the next topic for discussion:

    Harrowhold being released, in a thirty or twenty man, these numbers will not be adequate enough on both consoles. Although we are labeled as a PVP server, we still have a handful of groups clearing PVE content on a daily basis. Currently on Xbox, the merger is taking the four most populated servers, and adding them to one server; and taking the two smallest population servers; and adding them to one server. With current population we can’t even fill half a queue for Fraywind Canyon, let alone a full raid for Harrowhold.

    There have been talks on the En Masse Discord that PVP server players would be willing to forfeit some open-world PVP, and as a trade-off we would rather have a dedicated PVP zone, Velika Outskirts; where in this zone would be the only area that could you flag up and use Outlaw Declaration. This would keep both the PVP and PVE players happy, as not only would they now have a place dedicated to PVP when queues are not popping, but the PVE players would not have to fear being killed on sight outside of this zone. This in turn would provide a healthier population, broker, and easier time finding groups since we lack a Looking For Group feature on console.

    PVP is dead on consoles, we have almost no way to coordinate battleground queues other than Discord, and majority of the players in the respective console battleground discord’s are the more hardcore players, and not everyone who we see in-game. If we were put into one server this would be much easier to get a game together, with Area chat until we get the Looking for Group feature. Even with the Jackpot Event, it’s still not enough incentive to queue battlegrounds without some communication from multiple servers.

    Touching on the Jackpot event, currently if you lose you get no rewards, and it’s pretty difficult to consistently win with group queue being broken for battlegrounds, both of these deter some players from getting in queue. On PC there is an incentive for playing Fraywind where you get 8 boxes for winning, 5 for losing, that contains materials for upgrading your equipment. Rewards should stay in-line with what they are now on PC, that way they appeal to both PVE and PVP players. Instead of our Monthly Jackpot event we could use an overhaul to the rewards systems to revive TERA battlegrounds, such as to match the PC reward system.

    In closing thank you for your time in reading this giant wall of text:


    Guildless: Rinky (Vesporax PvP)
    Athens: Ariielle (Ovolith PvE)
    Overpowered: Frosty (Nyxarras PvP)
    Gameover: Overrated (Nyxarras PvP)
    Knights of Tera: Dark.Shadow (Nyxarras PvP)
    Seireitei: Miyuki (Thulsa PvE)
    Toxicity: Lazmonia (Dracoloth PvE)
    Guildless: Sin (Vesporax PvP)
    Top Tier: Pookey (Suryati PvP)

    I am ReverendFSM, the guild leader of Colander on PS4's Dracoloth PVE Server, and I approve this message. Even for some 5-man dungeons, like my first trip through Lilith's Keep NM, I waited in queue for an hour and a half looking for a group. Repeated this for 3 or 4 days before finally getting into the dungeon.I haven't played in a couple weeks because this got so bad. Throwing pretty shinies at us to distract us (i.e. the flying mounts, Gunner, and the 200 cosmetic events) doesn't solve these issues. Please merge and fix the servers you currently have before wasting the resources to maintain a population you don't have because of the problematic servers. Add a couple more channels to high population centers, merge us, fix the bugs that have been there since Beta, THEN, after you actually have a standard for quality of life, seek to throw around cosmetic events and things to increase the population. When the servers first start sending in reports about being too populated, you can reopen the previous servers to handle the extra capacity. But you're killing your own game right now.
  • Baratos wrote: »
    The pvp is not developed enough in this game to keep people for it. People will not wait for it to get better. There isn't much to do in the first place besides 5 dungeons.

    Thats because they haven't released PvP content to make it viable. I'm waiting dearly for rally pvp and world bam pvp. CU is just a bonus.
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