It looks like TERA is releasing their first ever Strongbox Event to Console! Check it out!



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    which strongbox open?

    From news:

    "Starting Thursday, May 24 after maintenance, and continuing until maintenance on Tuesday, May 29, opening strongboxes on TERA for Playstation®4 or Xbox One may net you one of six incredible item jackpots!

    Tier 11 Feedstock ×1000 (used for enchanting Ambush gear)
    Premium Alkahest ×1000 (for enchanting with a higher chance of success)
    Spellbind × 1000 (for resetting and securing item abilities)
    Blacksmith’s Additive × 5 (doubles critical success chance)
    Smart Dyad Niveot Structure (used to combine high-level crystals)
    Noble Friendship unicorn mount (restores HP and MP!)

    In addition to their already impressive contents, opening any of the following strongboxes with a Strongbox Key could trigger one of these jackpots.

    Locked Strongbox
    Locked Krysteel Strongbox
    Locked Linsteel Strongbox
    Locked Norsteel Strongbox
    Locked Shadsteel Strongbox
    Locked Extensive Strongbox
    Locked Spellbound Strongbox"
  • Got the unicorn on my 50th key so the chances aren’t too low compared to how I had to get it when it first came out on PC. I spent about 250 keys then.
  • got unicorn in my 77 key also i dont think its too low , anyway its all about luck ^^
  • i keep seeing this mount still on the broker did people just get alot and still are selling them? or is there another way to get it now?
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