What happened to double rewards?

According to the website, "This week starting Friday, July 27 at 10 a.m. PDT (1700 UTC) and ending Thursday, August 2 at the same time, complete any Vanguard Request on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One and you’ll earn double rewards!". When I logged in this morning, the double rewards were already gone. I have today off from work, so I should have been able to run all four of my characters through double rewards again, this morning. This was advertised to still be available for the next few hours, but they are already gone. What happened?


  • It appears that the Event had started prior to the Announced time ( just following Maintenance ), which lead to the Event ending early as well.
    I brought this to the attention of both Halrath and Circuits, so in the off-chance it were to happen again, we'll try to notify players of the early end time, or push to extend the Event to the time originally stated.
  • Thanks a lot for the explanation. It is still very disappointing to miss out on double rewards that I had planned for. I only knew the information in the announcement, so I was unaware that the event started early. If this happens again, they should definitely push for the end time to remain the same, because many of us players will not even notice that something started early (especially if it happens while we are offline), so we will be counting on being able to take advantage of the extra rewards up until the posted end time. Of course, an announcement of the end time being changed to earlier than originally announced would help, but only if the players happen to come and check the website long before the originally scheduled end time.

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