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Prior to Godsfall, EU TERA had gained access back to Forsaken Island. Upon further weeks of admission to the dungeon, TERA’s NA server received no compensation to the communities involvement for more accessible content. Ergo, your decision daunted many players who allured great value in the development of your game now no longer aspire to relog after an unfortunate sellout of choices. Nonetheless, a great compromise would be achieved if both EME’s & BHS’s participation could push a balance of former content. We could reach a proposition however.

TERA’s earlier hardmode content essentially being Forsaken Island, Rift’s Edge, and Veliks Sanctuary could propose your new system of token usage. Formatting a new variety of progression to better situate its involvement upon the current or upcoming population of TERA.

Token systems handling would include a completion of proposed dungeons above awarding approximately 3-5 tokens which would in return estimate:

150 Golden Talents ( 20 )
150 Silver Talents for ( 30 )
Guardian Material for ( 1-3 )
Twistshard Material for ( 5-7 )
Frostmetal Material for ( 12-15 )
Stormcry material for ( 20-40 )
Heroic Material for ( 50-100 )

Possibility of adding costume tabs estimation:

500 Fashion Coupons ( 20 )
School Fashion Outfit ( 125 )
Trackwear ( 100 )
Pets ( 75 )
Weapon Skin ( 150 )

Customization & variety, key elements to ensuring progression is sought out by the players involvement of TERAs content. With a lack of materials being controlled at such low rates and high RNG, completion of any low tier dungeon or specific battleground now belittles the community by offering little reward ratio to time spent on the game itself, by doing said proposal not only does the player feel more rewarded to play TERA, but gives an opportunity to gain higher system population statistics by bringing back past communities.

Someone who really likes this game.


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    Considering this team has never done this sort of thing before, it might be more realistic to start with a much smaller scale experiment. Balancing content and rewards properly is difficult and very easy to screw up. That's generally why most regions let BHS do it (since that's their job). EU is the only region that appears to have in-house staff that trained themselves to the point where they could do this, at least so far. I'm not saying that's an excuse, just that it would be better to see how a small experiment goes before jumping to the big ask (which would probably fail miserably). Even Gameforge started with much simpler things at first.
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    Kirasaka wrote: »
    I'd change the thread title. EME have deleted threads like these in the past for using political slogans.

    And let's face it, let this [filtered] unfunny (personal opinion) meme die already, it's been like 2 years or how long since it started?
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    EU already has something like this, so naturally NA will never get anything similar.

    Historically gear progression is harder on NA, content is harder on NA, rewards for content are worse and maintenances are longer.

    At least the ping is lower.
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