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SInce gunner patch, 26 june NO ONE did a single battleground, this must be TOP PRIORITY FIX, over 30 days of SILENCE, good job.
I write this post each 2 days until fixing


  • Bumpp !!!!
  • Bump again xd
    edited August 2018
    Good, bump each 2 days :o
  • am I new to the game and download it to pvp and it turns out that it does not work?
  • KabzKabz Ps4 ✭✭
    KY36MW5HCD wrote: »
    Good, bump each 2 days :o

    …. :s I'm coming to the conclusion that all the "bumps" in the world is not going to get this issue fixed.
  • Bump posts are against the TERA forum rules. We are working with Bluehole to investigate the cause behind battleground matching not working as intended. When we have news to report, we will do so.

    Closing this thread.
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