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Need tips against Warriors as Lancer (PVP)

edited August 2018 in PvP Discussion
I'm having trouble against Warriors & I need tips from pvp Lancer experts on what I can do to improve as a Lancer. The warriors I duel constantly rely on backstab, so I'm burning off RE so quick because I know the second I release block I'll be backstabbed. Any effective ways to counter backstab heros as lancer?


  • Terrain is a good way, the skill misses if there is tiny rocks in the way or if you're on higher ground, jumping was considered BM last I played but if you're in mid air when a Warrior back stabs you get knocked down instead of stunned. Cleansing Brooch will remove 1 backstab.

    I also recall before I left a Lancer talking about "skating" moving with the block and auto attack IIRC. I wasn't very good at it so I didn't get to try but if you move using it you might be able to block backstab that way.

    As always make sure you maximize your movement speed, backstab became aimed finally so bad Warriors will probably miss it on their own a bunch if you move too fast.
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