[PC] We are aware of issues surrounding the event EP booster, and are working to resolve this. Currently, we are working towards having this fixed on Tuesday, 02/25 in a hotfix maintenance. We will have further details as we approach this fix. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Store Changes

Hi all! Just wanted to drop a note to call out a few changes you'll notice today over the next few weeks.

Daily Deals has been renamed to Featured Items. The daily timer window has been removed.
Featured Items will update on Tuesdays, every week. They will run for at least one week. Featured Items are curated based on the best deals or items we think deserve extra attention that week.
Featured Items MAY appear in both the TERA PC Store and Featured Items for the same price, or they may be exclusive to the Featured Items window.
Daily Deals will return for shorter periods (along with the timer) as limited-time flash sales. These limited-time periods will be announced beforehand.
It is intentional that some items will appear in both - we have found that some folks prefer to purchase items from the widow in game instead of the normal TERA PC Store so we want to offer some of the best things in both.
You may notice a few new little banners on items in the Featured Items window:
Out of the Vault - these items are items that are being brought back from retirement for a limited period of time
Last One's Free! - these items are a discounted so that you get one free (i.e., buy 4 get 1; buy 2 get 1, etc...)
No Risk; All Reward - these items are loot box chase items being directly sold

I have heard the feedback that you want MORE IN THE STORE; so since Daily Deals will no longer be an always-on store feature, we will begin rotating items for "flights" in the store. The more curated store will offer more items in general, and especially so at times when they are seasonally appropriate as well as just keeping things fresh and updated.
This week we launch the past school uniforms in the TERA PC store for a three week period - these items will be removed from the store on Tuesday, September 4th.
Over the next few weeks we will be adding more items to the store in almost every category; curating the store and rotating the items where it makes most sense.


  • These items are available until September 4! Plus, Elite status players save 20% on all of these!

    Varsity Blue Dogs Smart Box
    Black Catocaster (Back Slot)
    Sharp Shades (Face Slot)
    Canvas Backpack (Back Slot)
    Rocker Box
    Denim Box
    Elin Merry Sunshine Bundle
    Cheer Squad Uniform Smart Box
    Drill Team Uniform Smart Box
    Sports Ball Accessory Box
    Airy Aurora Loot Box
    Squad Captain Loot Box
    Color Guard Loot Box
    Human Female Homeschool Bundle
    High Elf Female Private School Bundle
    Castanic Female Homeschool Bundle
    Elin Too-Cool-for-School Bundle
    School Bag Loot Box
    Sports Bag Loot Box
    Popo Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
    Lost-and-Found Box
    Seren's Night School Bundle (Elin)
    Sisters of Frost School Bundle (Female Only)
    Val Kaeli School Bundle (Female Only)
    Dragonfall School Bundle (Female Only)
    Pink Quilted Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
    Black Quilted Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
    Embossed Midnight Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
    Teal Checkered Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
    White Checkered Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
    Seren's Night School Locker
    Triple-T Locker
    Arcadian Academy Locker
    College Wardrobe Loot Box
    Post-Grad Loot Box
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